Saturday, May 9, 2009

TRULY a mama's BOY! (birthday boy is in da' house!)

Jackson and I--This pic really captures his personality!!

Scamperin' behind his mama...

Jackson and his mommy...

He's been fast from day one!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there a day early! And if you aren't a mom you'd best get on the phone and say, "hello.." to your own, and for those of you who can't do that anymore, a heartfelt "hello" sent up to the heavens will make her happy. I guarantee it. We mom's don't expect a lot, really. We get too much in return every day of the year. My son came home yesterday from school with a BIG rolled up art surprise for my present this year. I love his homeade stuff the most, and I am quite sure the art work is worth it's weight in gold. Not to mention it's REALLY good.... I am a lucky girl when it comes to the mom side of things! Not just my son, but my beloved dog of 15 years, three cats (sometimes they don't count, it depends on the day...) and.... JACKSON!!!
And TODAY IS JACKSON'S BIRTHDAY!!! He was born on Mother's Day, 9 May 1999 at ~9pm at night. All those 9's must be lucky right? I just received a Happy Mother's Day/Happy Jackson's B-Day e-mail from his breeder when I woke up this morning. I quickly sent her some recent pics of Jacks and an update on us, she likes to keep track of the horses she's helped add to the world (sure sign of a good breeder!).... She is the one who provided me with all of his baby pictures and the one's of his daddy and brother too. She told me the story of when he was born, and without her, I would never have known that Jackson was born on Mother's Day. She said the whole family was away for the day and she was home alone when Jackie (Jacks mom) foaled at about 9pm at night on Mother's Day. She told me that because of that Jackson has a special place in her heart. Well, knowing my horse, I am SOOOO not surprised. ;) I have the birthdate on his paperwork, but it never would have occured to me to think of his being a Mother's Day baby! So that pretty much explains why I have such a mama's boy for a horse, dont'cha think?
Happy Mother's Day everyone---and Happy 10th Birthday Jacks..... MUAH!!!


  1. I so envy you that you have pix of him. I never thought not knowing my horse's (Poco's) origins would be something that would bug me, but it does. I need to see if Nita and Heather can send me some of Jaz.

    Happy Mom's Day and Happy Birthday, Jackson!

  2. Leah--Stuff like that is really important to me too. I know it is b/c I was adopted at 3 weeks of age and have NO information about my biological family. So family trees, pictures, handed down stories and histories really strike me as pretty darn cool and not something to take for granted, be it human or horse!

    I love this story and that you got an e-mail reminder of how veryspecial he is!
    I read a comment to somewhere that yuo almost decided to not have him at some point ere now?!! I am soo glad that you came to your senses!
    Thanks for the increadably nice comment...I really Love this((Riding logic) book, my sissy gave me some good ones!The horse on the front looks like Wa!

    I have some hoof boot info for you...may I send to an E-Mail add?
    Mine is:
    I have it all ready to shoot your direction...just got it from the Easycare people and it has some boot fitting link on it.

  4. Happy Birthday Jackson!!

    What a handsome little bugger he was even as a little colt.


  5. Kac-Thanks! Oh yeah! I wrote to Lisa that I almost (but couldn't) sell a year and a half ago after all the drama with my broken shoulder. I had fear issues out the wazoo. Luckily, God has blessed me with people who came into my life and helped me my case, when he shut a door, he THREW OPEN A BARN DOOR instead of a window!!!! I blog on it sometime, maybe it will help some folks. My email is:
    Thanks for the birthday wishes to my boy everyone! He says thanks and wonders if you have any treats for him.... PIGGY.

  6. Happy Birthday to Jackson. It is good to know the background of your horse. I have a PMU that will be 5 this month. I got him when he was 15 months old, and was missing allot of info on him. But, was able to connect with great horse people online. I have even seen pics of one half bro, and sister!


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