Monday, May 11, 2009

The babies of Spring are GROWING!!!

Below is a little view of some of the new things that have come with spring to my friend's ranch where I keep Jackson. I thought you might enjoy seeing some spring babes and new additions....
This is Gertie. She is pretty shy right now, but you can tell she wants to socialize so it won't be long! Miles wanted to name her Gertrude the Goat, but we settled on Gertie which is much more appropriate!

Miles and Queen of Sheba. Linda named her that because of her superior demeanor, she is a funny, friendly goat. Gertie and Sheba aren't babies, but they have only been at the ranch for a week, so they get to be in the post. Plus, they are just so darn cute! I love goats. We raised goats on our farm when I was a kid, and they are just silly, friendly, fun pets to have around. You get so attached to them. If you have only one horse they make the perfect companion animal. The horses really like them too!

Baby bunny tummy and feet. One day old.

Same bunny two weeks later.

Miles holding a baby. His eyes aren't open yet.

Brand spankin' new in their nestbox.

Same batch at two weeks. SO CUTE!!!!

Miles holding a chick at ~7 days of age. We bought 23 chicks of approx. 6 diffrent types. When I asked Miles what he would do with chicks he said, "I'll collect their eggs and groom them."


This is a baby "Top Hat" chick. See his little mohawk growing?

This is him a few days ago at about 2 mos. of age. I named him Eric.
Eric is my friend who had a mohawk at our senior prom.

They grow SOOOO fast.

We even have one who has no feathers on his neck (forget what they're called).See him up in the left hand corner? Oh, and we have three Top Hat Eric's. But the biggest one is really the "real" Eric. In this pic they are about one and a half months old.


  1. Oh, they're all lovely! The critters of Jacksons' (neighbour's) ark! :-D You asked about the aussie saddle: we got it! It's great! A little too big for our current horses (it has a rocking effect) but it looks as if our next generation of horses are going to be a size bigger, so that might be a perfect match! The best thing about the aussie saddle however is that it got my dad out riding again - after 38 years! and he now owns our two fillies Isolde and Kalahari! So that's a quick update on the aussie saddle situation :-)

    Miles is really the sweetest kid with those chickens! Love the mohawk! Isolde's is coming down now, she's working hard on her princess looks!

  2. Poco had a goat as a pal when his old QH buddy passed on. When I bought him, I was afraid I might have to take the goat too, but the guy kept him.

    I kept chickens many years ago, and I sure am enjoying them at Heather's. My faves are the Rhode Island Reds. They're just the sweetest chickens.


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