Friday, May 8, 2009

Can anyone help me figure out horse boots???

I would like to purchase a pair of boots for Jackson. Not necessarily the ones above, but since we ride on VERY rocky terrain quite frequently and Jacks is barefoot, I think a pair would be a wise investment. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about fitting them, pros and cons, and what brand people have had the best experiences with. Since this will probably be $150 investment, I want to make the right one! So have any of you had experience with fitting these, found a brand you swear by, etc? I'd hate to make the investment, (go out on a really long trail ride in a new park since we travel..) look down, and have a missing boot!!! Not sure the velcro up there on the boot I have pictured is all that reassuring! So, PLEASE send me your experiences and those of any folks you may know to help me in my quest!!!


  1. Heloom there sweet!
    Well...I am the boot pro here having used "Cavallo's"- "Easy boot- "Bare's"- "Easy boots", "Easy boot- "Epics"...I am unwillig to try the newest of the easy boots as my mare litterally RIPS THEM OFF! I tried overstep boots-bell boots and not deal.
    I have graduated to "OLD MAC G-2s". I love them..have an esy boot "Comdoirt pad in with a "Thinline" pad as well for the horizontal (not vertical)shock absorbsion.
    Your Cavallos will work well in non muddy the velsro gives up and they come off here in Oregon. The G-2s have a nice buckle..and you could actually have a shoemaker put one on the outside if they did start to release.

    Just get them fit don't want them to twist..then they are too large. sometimes...a horses feet are differnt sizes..pain in the----! Then tow different sizes are needed.
    Arabian do very well I the esy boots...but I hate the wires.. the newer versions look interesting...but like I said..not willing to spend more$$ Sticking with the Old macs!
    Ask me more if you need to...

  2. No experience in horse boots, though I have a few friends who use them (and once day I plan to buy a pair, too).
    The friends who are the most happy with their boots are those who have the Old Mac' long as they fit right. If they don't fit properly they can rub raw. I've also heard that gaiters are good to have in addition to the boots, as it keeps the sand and debris from falling into the boot and causing chafing or irritation.

    Good luck. Let us know what you decide on and how you like them, too.


  3. Yes...forgot to mention...gaiters are a must!

  4. OK guys...really. What the heck are gaiters? I have never touched a horse boot! And obviously have not researched them yet either right? --grin--... And how do you size them? For example, I know I am a size 9 almost every time... I am not such a wonderful horsewoman that I can go look at Jackson's feet and go, "Why, you must be a size 8 in Old Mac's!!!" LMAO! :)P Help!!!

  5. OK guys!!! I went to the Easy Care web site and read all about the Old Mac's and now I know what a gaiter is! They also give you all the fitting info. you need too!!! It figures this is an Australian based company and inventor, I am SOOOO into my Australian saddle for trail riding--Aussie genius strikes again! I will definitely go with the Old Mac's! Thanks!

  6. OH good You found the site...I was gonna send you the link today...but you got to the fitting info and now know= what gaiters are! haha!
    So..just know that measure at trim time..and that the boots do stretch out some.

  7. Oh Kac--Saved me again! Measure at trim time, so simple and true, but I did not even think of that! DUH! He's set to get that done this week so I'll be measuring soon. Looks like it's gonna be around $175 to get the "new" Old Mac's, but on the upside, they come with the gaiters! Thanks for your help!


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