Sunday, November 15, 2009

We Canter ON!!!!

Well, my computer has CRASHED and is from all outward appearances in need of a burial. An ill fated Halloween par-tay with six 13 year old boys seemed to be the end. HUGE SIGH. All my pics are on it. I would probably just work extra and get a new one since this pup is an '04 Dell if it weren't for the pictures!!! Any ideas anyone?

On the riding front, I HAVE NEWS!! Jackson and I cantered, and I didn't fall off. OK. I did fall off, but not because of the canter! LMAO.
Here's the story. I had a riding lesson with Allison and we learned shoulder in, maybe not rock solid learned it, but we did it several times and I actually get the concept and can execute it. SWEET! BUT, the best part came AFTER the lesson. I decided to take Jackson into the field for a little hack.

We went around once at a nice trot with him being ultra responsive and things felt good. I was circling the field's perimeter and as we were trotting I let him break into the canter as I inwardly began giving myself the mantra, sit up and deep and OH SHIT, and OK, this is good, etc.... He stopped when I asked, and for having not much cantering experience with a rider, it wasn't as uncollected and all over as I had expected. Then I messed up. Coming out of the canter and at a trot or fast walk I let go with one hand, threw it up in the air and gave a cowgirl, WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! AND it was REALLY LOUD. Totally stupid because Jackson wasn't ready for that and spooked. I went off. Then he stood over me as if to say, "Well, dang, mom, we did it finally, and then you had to go and SCREAM at the top of your lungs! WTF? I just started laughing. THIS GIRL OBVIOUSLY can't canter on this horse without smelling dirt somehow, someway was my thought.
Because my instructor Allison and friend Linda were standing behind a horse trailer talking they missed it. My whole football field length beautiful canter. ON the up side, they missed seeing me kiss the dirt... They had come out after they heard the yell and both commented that it was a VERY HAPPY yell, but by then I was back up on J's back and walking towards them. They said they couldn't figure out why I had yelled since there I was ONLY walking.....

So coming back towards them I decided to SHOW them what we had done. We again broke into a canter towards them and I AM SURE I had a s--- eating grin on my face. They just stood there smiling and clapping as friends do when they see you overcoming your nemesis. This was such a milestone for us as a team. Sure felt nice to have my big girl britches on and JUST DO IT!!!

Galloping is tomorrow.