Friday, May 22, 2009

Texas Views

View at the entrance of Triple H Equitherapy where I volunteer.

Linda & Red in the dried up creek bed on a Wed. ride at Triple H; still working on the scavenger hunt trails....

I call it boulder valley...
Can you see why I want boots for horseface now?

Yertle the Turtle. Rescued by myself last week from being run over by Linda's truck with horse trailer attached. We were on our way to ride in Bandera State Park and he was in the middle of the road. I got her to stop directly over him by SCREAMING, "TURTLE!!!" Hence, he was rescued from a flattening death.

And now, I present you with the SCARIEST Texas view there is. My son's bathtub that I found on Sunday after he had taken a "shower." How did he fit? Why is the shower caddy included in the playthings (carnage)? These are questions I will never get answers to. We will be modifying the amount of toys allowed in the shower, I assure you. This is by far one of the scarier Texas views I have personally witnessed.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog..glad to meet you. A San Antonio girl?..I graduated from UTHSCSA with my BSN. We have some friends that lived in Helotes and moved out to Pipe Creek..the Reeves. Great people.
    Gotta love all those toys in the tub..

  2. I love the grounds, and the turtle is brilliantly beautiful!

  3. oh dear, You took a picture of our bathtub! LOL

  4. MY SON'S answer to the tub dilemma...
    Apparently...when I asked him to clean his room he took the "EXTRA" surplus toys that wouldn't fit anywhere and used the bathtub for storage space. This is his logic. I really couldn't argue with that. In his mind it made perfect sense!


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