Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Do Believe....

I do believe I have a new kitten. I was out in my garage last night when some of the neighbor kids ran up asking if this kitten was mine. I said no and they went to ask their parents if they could keep it. Hmmm. You know who ended up with the kitten. We put up the lost signs in the neighborhood, but someone probably just dumped her. She purrs CONSTANTLY and wants to nestle right into your neck in bed. She earned the name Piper rather quickly. She is outgoing and just a very loving kitty. My two cats and my dog are all three giving me the cold shoulder. They are really not in the Christmas spirit. After all, how could I leave that poor starving kitten to fend for itself in 40 degree weather last night? Not that I needed another pet. I do find it odd that even though I had plenty of cat food on hand, I stopped at the feed store yesterday and bought a 2olb. bag of Nutrena cat/kitten food to switch my cats to. Especially odd since most foods for cats are either for cats OR kittens, I've never seen one for both. I guess it was meant to be....

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