Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trailriding at Bandera State Park, Texas

Today we trailered three horses and three eager gals to Bandera State Park for a two hour trail ride. The scenery was gorgeous, the weather cooperative and the horses were happy to be out. This park has approx. 55 miles of trails and takes us 25 minutes to drive to, so it is a nice destination for trailriding. We encountered lots of challenges on the trail, namely ROCK! Jackson was wonderful as we made our way DOWN some rather steep rock ledges that all but had me closing my eyes. He is surefooted and I just gave him his head and he did great. He was wonderfully responsive to the aids today and the last half hour of the ride (when we let them goooo) felt so fluid, what a great feeling. The scenery looked better in person but I tried to capture some to share.

I liked this---a bit can't burn the wood

but we'll sell you some for your campfire!!!

Jackson the curious.

The mighty steed and I.


  1. Looks like you had as nice weather as we did. Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Oh so nice to see you out and about on your trusty-surefooted- steed!

  3. I am so jealous of that gorgeous weather...what an amazing place to ride. Lucky you!

  4. I have three words for you:


    I loved your post and your pictures, and am glad you shared since I'll never get to go trail riding with Arwen in Texas!

    Greetings from West Africa,

  5. You and Jackson look really great together. The trails appear to be easy to navigate, too, except for the rocks. Does Jackson wear shoes or does he go barefoot?
    My mare is barefoot, but I worry about her on our very rocky (more like bouldery) trails. I'm thinking of getting her some Old Macs to 'hike' in one day.

    New Mexico

  6. Lisa--Jackson is barefoot; has never had shoes. He does fine on the rock. And we are talking sheer rock. So far, no problem. If he does start to have issues I will get him some boots, but the farrier says he doubts he will....The trails in that park vary widely. That was intermediate that day--we did face some steep rock...but there are trails that go straight up those hills you see and are all rock. I understand one of the worst is called Ice Cream Hill....hmmm. must have been named sarcastically!


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