Thursday, December 4, 2008

Linda becomes a horse.....

I went to ride yesterday with my friend Linda and we have both been wanting to try new bits out on our majestic steeds. I, a Pelham, which did not go all that well (because I don't have two sets of reins on it) and Linda was just putting a snaffle on her English bridle (because I stole her Pelham) and she normally uses a Western headstall and bit. Well, I turn around and there she is with the bridle ON HER HEAD! She had been sitting this way for some minutes and I had looked at her several times but for some reason it did not compute--probably because I was so intent on why my headstall had suddenly gotten so much bigger. (Ummm. Well, hello, those shank thingies are a lot longer than on a French Link Snaffle, Mindy!!!) I got it all straightened out and turned my attention to Linda and fell out laughing when I realized what I was seeing. She had the bridle on her head pretending she was the horse so she'd get the bit on right! While it did look silly and got me giggling, I have to hand it to Linda, she always gets the job done if not a bit unconventionally! We had a wonderful ride on "the loop" a four mile stretch of road that ends where it begins and is quite scenic. There are lots of dogs and deer and wildlife so it always a good place to ride--always pretty and keeps the horses entertained. It was a beautiful day too, sunny and 70 degrees, perfect for a two hour ride! We did some lungeing and groundwork (flexing) first too--must start more of this or my horse will be on his forehand with his head in the sky forever. His gaits are getting much smoother and his trot doesn't throw me up for a visit into the sky anymore, so something is working. I imagine it is just the miles in the saddle. He is a very quick and willing learner which is good, but since I have never trained a horse I am doing it carefully so I don't teach him the wrong things. I worked on leg yielding during our excursion and he did a wonderful job. Thanks to a video clip from Jane Savoie (thanks Equine Mine!) I had some very practical and EASY tips to use. We stopped for a couple of quick Christmasy pics at the end of our ride.
Me and Jacks (top) Linda and Red (bottom)


  1. Linda looks like a goofball. What a great friend and riding partner.
    I like the photos of you guys on your horses, too.
    Good for you always wearing a helmet :)

    New Mexico

  2. Everytime I've ever fallen off of a horse (except for the time I landed on my feet...:) I have landed on my head! No darn way I won't ride with a helmet...I lecture Linda all the time. She usually will if she rides my horse or we trailer somewhere...but other than that....I always get on her cause it's gonna be ME who has to take care of her when she breaks it falling off....


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