Monday, December 8, 2008

Miles Learns the Ropes....

Miles leading Shorty

Miles looking proud of his accomplishments!

Me, Jacks, Miles and Shorty....

Jackson and I---I like this picture!!!

On Saturday Miles and I trekked out to my friend Linda's house to go riding. After riding double with Linda two weeks ago, Miles has been open to the idea of riding his own horse which has not always been the case. He has been a bit frightened of Jackson after hearing about my accident when I broke my shoulder last year, and has been a bit "shy" around most horses. Also, when I was at my boarding barn, it just worked out that no one had a horse around that was safe enough for a kid at that time. Fortunately for us, Linda has Shorty and he is a dream to ride, safe enough to put my 12 year old beginner on. We had Miles go with us into the field to help us catch Shorty. I am so thankful to have Linda around because she is so good at teaching! I always marvel at her at work with new nurses, (we work in a fast paced newborn nursery where we both work in admissions and as charge nurses) and she was the same with my son. Very good at breaking down the need to know from the stuff you will learn later. And she is so patient! So we caught the horses and she had Miles brush Shorty and then she tacked him up while showing him what she was doing and why. I would like him to learn to ride English, but since Western is so much easier for a morale boosting first ride, and this was not a formal learning session, we did the Western tack. He seems to be a natural in the saddle, but I'm sure this is just the mom in me talking! (Big grin!). We walked the horses over to Lorri's house which is about a mile down the road and Miles elected to get off and play with the dogs and the chickens while we did round pen work and work in her dressage arena. Lorri straightened out the issues I was having with my Pelham bit (fixing the fact that I had the darn thing on BACKWARDS---oh well, I learn, I learn, I learn!!) and then took him around the arena for 15 min. or so while I got to ride her AngloArab Ozzie. Shouldn't have done that! :) That horse is the perfect responsive horse---a testament to Lorri who has raised her up from a baby--- and goes on the aids with the perfect headset and is just a dream to ride. I was able to feel how Jackson will feel when I get him to that point. She is also an AngloArab so it was pretty neat! She got Jacks used to his new bit (he had a bit of a FIT and she won't tolerate it like I tend to...)and he then trotted out for me perfectly with a bit more bend in his neck. I just purchased a chambon to use while lungeing (thank you Eventing A GoG0) to help with the headset, neck muscles and to help with his hollow back. Anyone with advice please comment because I am not a trainer and learn from much reading, trial and error, and thank you lord that Lorri and Linda have started horses! Sooo, on the way home Miles got back on Shorty and when Linda asked him if he wanted to trot, we heard a resounding, "Yes!" He had perma-grin on the whole time. So, maybe I'll have a riding companion in my son yet. I sure hope so!


  1. How fun to enjoy horses with your son. Shorty is adorable...I bet Miles can't help but fall in love with those spots.

  2. Nice to meet you!
    I love your Anglo Arab. I would like to breed my mare to a handsome Arab Stallion should I meet one.
    Compeattive trail that a course built for a weekend contest or endurance or?? I am leaning twords someting like that as well, and jumping. We are simular that way!


  3. HI
    I dont know if I got you on the list for the new private 20 meter please email me at and I will send you an invite!!

  4. Lemme know how the chambon-ing is going :D

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have actually visited yours before but don't remember where I linked from.

    I grew up in Pennsylvania but my heart is in Texas. And I LOVE San Antonio.

    And I had to laugh at you and the Pelham -- I, too, consider myself tack challenged. I can still manage to get stuff on inside out, upside down or backwards. I use a Pelham on Poco, but only one set of reins and no chain. He's doing well with it. He's hard to fit because his head's so big. I almost have to buy draft stuff.

    Visit often and I'll do the same.

  6. Miles looks so good on his paint! And I just love that picture of you and Jacks!

    Wish you the best of days today!

  7. Hi again...hoping your Christmastime is happy!
    Yours truly,


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