Sunday, November 30, 2008

Miles has a ride!

On Friday, full of post Thanksgiving energy and with the weather a balmy 75 degrees Miles and I set out for an afternoon at Linda's. Miles has always been a bit tenative around horses and since Jackson isn't ready for kiddos yet, Miles usually stays around the ranch while we go and ride. Today, Linda threw him up behind her on Red--her Missouri Fox Trotter--for a ride over to her friend Lorrie's house who lives about two miles away through the back fields. Once getting there, Linda, Lorrie and I planned on doing lunge line work and working in her dressage arena. Miles was going to get to explore Lorrie's barn and play with the chickens and such. He had an even bigger treat waiting for him in the form of Lorrie's husband, Kalen. Kalen is a very fascinating guy with a wide variety of out of the ordinary interests. Miles learned all about how he grows bamboo and cactus--about 10 different varieties of bamboo alone--and started to grow the bamboo as a privacy fence between him and an annoying neighbor because it grows so fast, and then went on to join the local bamboo society! Intersting right? They also looked at Kalen's scythe which he uses to chop down the weeds in their fields, chopped the head off of some dead racoon skeleton's for Kalen's skull collection with an axe, looked at Kalen's giant boa constrictor, and cut up pieces of metal pipe on a "very fast saw," as Miles put it. Kalen also showed Miles a few magic tricks. I'm sure there was more, but I do know that the two spent a very content two and a half hours "being boys!" Miles had a ball! We girls, in our own bit of fun, started out with Lorrie and I in the dressage arena and Linda lungeing Red. We are so into our trail rides, we have not been working on the important stuff like transitions, flexing, and FORM.... Since I still consider myself as green as my horse (have you ever noticed what a terrific rider you are on a perfectly schooled horse and how little you seem to know and how bad your once "perfect form" becomes on the untrained one you bought? grin....) we need lots of work in many areas and will be taking up "official lessons" with a dressage teacher again in the spring. Lorrie is a terrific teacher too, she spent an hour with Jackson and I on the lunge line at the trot and we both got to work on how sore we were going to be for the next few days....hee hee..... I thought I had come a long way with my leg and getting back in shape until I trotted for an hour. But I am getting much better because my legs didn't turn into spaghetti until the last 5 minutes of that hour, and I can feel the difference from six months ago when I NEVER would have been able to trot for a full on hour in a circle, I would have fallen out of the saddle! But it was a great and much needed work out. The hands on the hips part was hard , but ultimately fine. Of course, as always, the trust thing is hard at first. Especially since I got dumped just last week. (Just a bad spook on a very fresh horse, nothing that was really my horse's fault...) Of course, when it came to the lungeing with my hands on my hips, it was me who had the issues, Jackson my wonderful horse took it all in stride!!!! He learns so fast and just wants to please. I have a magnificent horse in the rough and hope I can do justice to him!! We all had fun, and it has been worth the pain! Plan to ride again on Monday....oh Ibuprofen my BEST friend.....

Linda on Red....

Me on Jacks..


  1. Both Red and Jacks look so good! You seem to have thoroughly enjoyed yourselves! What do the horses prefer: trail riding or dressage?

    Greetings from West Africa!

  2. Hmmmm.... Hands down vote= TRAIL RIDING!!!! Big horsey smiles all around from the horse (and human) voters!

  3. Hehe, I am not surprised! The only classes I would want to take are jumping classes... That would make our runs in the bush a bit steeplechasish! :-)

  4. We set up some jumps the other day out on one of our trail rides. We want to start competetive trail riding next year. On those rides you have to jump logs. I used to jump and worked at a jumper barn as a teenager, but Jacks and I are not there yet...someday! You should try jumping the one in your yard!


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