Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riding with the girls...

What a wonderful day of riding we had today! Perfect weather of 74 degrees with a mild breeze! Pictured from left are: Linda on Shorty, Lorri on Kite, and Tami on Little Man. It was a special day as I haven't had a chance to ride with my friend Tami since I left the ranch where I used to board Jackson. She was with me on the day I broke my shoulder and ironically, was with me today over a year later when I finally cantered my horse for the first time since then! I have had no problems cantering or going at a fast pace on other people's horses, but my own has had me bamboozled! I am sure you could hear my shout four counties away today as I cantered on my horse. We still have a LOOOONGGG way to go, but I am determined and am slowly working over many of my ridiculous fears which have slowed down our progress. It gets better every day I ride and I get such joy and peace from it....

I am starting work on Jackson's headset and getting him on the bit, etc., etc. all requiring much arena and roundpen work, not my strongest areas. Sigh. At least I have Lorri around to give free lessons, she and Linda know a ton and are an endless source of information and help. Hooray for smart, experienced horse people who like me!

PS....I know my form is awful in that pic! My arms are usually not that straight, but after riding the buckle to get over my nerves to switching to a running martingale and making my reins so short to obtain a proper headset, we were both "adjusting" in that pic!

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  1. Love that leopard! So cute. I had some fear issues surface in the first couple of months of owning my mare. She would rear and almost flip backwards on the lunge line. I would leave the barn in tears and think to myself "I will never be able to ride that." Jane Savoie..former Olympic rider was in town doing some seminars and I took one on "positive thinking and horses." Really good stuff. You might email her on her blog or check her website to see if there are things that help you. She is a cool lady.


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