Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life's Most Beautiful Day!

Today is my birthday! The only reason I mention it at all, is because three years ago today I met Jackson for the very first time. This is the picture located on the ad on that sucked me in, and wouldn't let me GOOOOO....
This is another pic from the ad... Jackson with Yvonne's daughter who was the co-owner. Funnily enough, despite being a Texas horse where the Western discipline is predominant, Jackson was trained and ridden in an Australian saddle with a French Link Snaffle. Yvonne thought he looked wonderful as an "English horse" when she saw him in his new tack. And I still ride him in his French Link....

Jackson the day I met him. I could tell he LOVED his owner Yvonne. She had owned him since he was four months old and I got him when he was seven. Medical and financial reasons forced her to sell; I could tell she DID NOT want to let him go. I don't blame her, he is the very best horse in the world! He was all bit up from the mares he was boarded with, and of course scruffy with his winter coat. I could still see how PERFECT he is!

I fell in love.
I brought him home two weeks later and though we have had anything but an easy road, I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you Yvonne for the gift you gave me, Jackson is truly the horse of my heart!
Truly life's most beautiful day. The day I was born (hee hee) and the day I met MY horse for the very first time!

Equine Dictionary Definition: in the plate- Said of a rider seated on the saddle on a horse. Hmmm. My favorite place to be.....


  1. Happy birthday! May you and Jackson has a perfect day.

  2. Happy birthday! And happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!! Love your beautiful boy, hope you get to ride today!!!
    It's cold and snowing here so I won't get to, you ride for me! :-D

  4. Happy Birthday! Jackson is beautiful!

  5. Happy birthday! I can see why you fell in love with that photo, he looks so free and happy! So great that you two found each other and that you had the opportunity to share your life with him.

  6. What a beauty he was - and still is! No wonder you fell in love with him!!

    Happy birthday from Africa!

  7. Such a great post! Happy Birthday. It makes me happy that Jackson has another great owner to really appreciate him. It makes me miss my Newton.

  8. Happy birthday! Looks like you got the best gift ever with Jackson!

  9. Happy Birthday! Jackson is a wonderful horse may he and you have many more years happy together.

  10. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday fellow january birthday haver, happy birthday to you!

  11. Happy Birthday! I can see why you were sold on that photo.

  12. Reading what you wrote about Yvonne and how much she loved Jackson made me break down into sobs. Reminded me of how much I love Baby Doll still and how it hurt so bad to give her up. I hope her new owners know how hard it was for me to give her to them, and how much I love her, just like you do with Yvonne.

    I felt like such a big cry baby when I said goodbye to my mare, holding on to her neck and burying my face into her mane. Thankfully the new owners seemed to understand and kept reassuring me that they would love her as much as I have and take good care of her.

    But I cried all the way home from the vet hospital as they drove in the opposite direction.

    And I still cry every time I walk to the barn and remember al the special times I had with Baby Doll.

    I'm glad you've found your special horse. And I wish you a very Happy Birthday!


  13. WAAAA -Crying from reading Lisa's comment above!
    Our Equine loves can NOT be taken from our hearts, even if they leave our homes.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIND!!! I am Sooo glad that Jackson came to you for this special occasion...every year will be celebration for your life and yours with him!

  14. Hope you both did something special to celebrate this great day! He is a beauty and that photo at the bottom of this page is so darling!

  15. Happy Birthday to you and your sweet boy! I really enjoyed the pics and the journey.

  16. Happy Birthday Mindy! We better get that ride of ours before we get too old! LOL

    Just kidding, I'm glad you gave yourself a wonderful gift and an amazing journey.

  17. He looks like Secretariat in that first picture!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  18. Happy Birthday girl!!! Love your journey...many more happy years to you both.

  19. Got sumthin' fer ya's at my place Mindy!


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