Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stills~Peggy's Percherons

The first two pictures are Peggy's Percheron cross ZiZi. Can't wait to go out and ride her, it should be quite the experience after my little 15.3 hand Jackson!!!
Eclipse is Peggy's newest addition, a full blooded Percheron, and is pictured in the last three pictures. Eclipse was 17 months old and 17 hands high when these were taken this summer... WOW.
Aren't they both gorgeous?


  1. Lovely horses...I got to ride a Percheron/TB cross for awhile. They have such fun personalities. You will enjoy riding that rolling canter.

  2. Beautiful horses. Must have been a Percheron kinda Sunday:)

  3. They are quite pretty horses. Have fun with them!

  4. Love Percherons. Love to see Percherons working and being loved.

  5. WOW! And he's not even 2 years old yet?! And I read somewhere that draft horses shouldn't even be ridden until they are at least 3 or more because they take longer to develop and become strong. Is that true?

    I can't wait to read/see all about your ride on the mare. What a fun adventure!

    Do you think you might need a mounting block, eh?


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