Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tag! I'm It! From A Hunter In Training....

Tagged a week or so ago by A Hunter In Training to list a few of my likes and dislikes.... Here goes.

I LIKE....Tack Shops and buying horsey related things! I always have a list, I am never done with my horsey arsenal! :)
I DON'T LIKE...The tack shops in my area of Texas are pathetic with no English selection! I'm from the East coast where we have SUPER tack shops so being forced to buy online makes me super sad! If that makes me a snob, too bad... :)

I LIKE...A peaceful drive in the country.
I DON'T LIKE.....Rude, aggressive drivers! Do you REALLY need to try to kill me to get where you're going?

I LIKE...Being a Divemaster...scuba diving! One of my passions that I engaged in when I lived on the 3x5 mile island of Key West and had nary a horse in sight!
I DON'T LIKE...The fact that the only place to dive in Texas are in lakes. UMMM. NO THANKS! Boring after the tropics!

I LIKE....My job as an RN working with infants.
I DON'T LIKE...The fact that like any job, there are issues with people, policy and pay that frustrate me and are always challenging. OH! And that I didn't just become a veterinarian!

I LIKE...My son's sense of humor and quirky little ways.
I DON'T LIKE....The teenage (he's 13) mouth, disregard of my rules, and the attitude! Where is my sweet little boy who cuddles with his mama? He called me mama until he was 10, and then one day it was just MOM. I had believed until then that I had the rare child who would always call me mama, and absolutely LOVED it!

I LIKE...That my son has a good relationship with his dad, and that I do too!
I DON'T LIKE...That his dad has been sent to Iraq for a year and that single parenting is just as hard as I remember it, harder with a teenager. And of course both of us worry about his dad's safety....

I LIKE...The fact that the friends that I have are so wonderful and that I have a supportive family.
I DON'T LIKE...The fact that my family are all in Pa and that I don't have that many friends here in Texas. (The few that I have are GREAT though!)

I LIKE...My dressage trainer Allison.
I DON'T LIKE...The fact that I can't afford more than a bi-weekly, sometimes only monthly lesson!

I LOVE....The fact that I am fortunate enough to have a horse at all, and to have friends to ride with who are ALWAYS super supportive and helpful!

I'm not into tagging folks...if you would like to participate, consider yourself TAGGED!!!


  1. Hay!
    My hubby just got SCUBA certified a few months back!
    there is a neat place...CLUTE, texas. They have ummm sunk stuff (lol I sound like a Texan now) in the lake that you can explore. For sure now what you are use to, but it beats just boring old water, huh?? :)

  2. I've always wanted to learn to dive! Maybe next summer. Do you think it's better to learn here then take a trip to dive or learn in a place where there's plenty to look at?

    Even if you are a snob, I'll hang out with you. If we can ever get that ride in!

  3. Great list! It sounds like you have a great attitude towards the good and bad in life:) I have to say that I'd kill for all of those western tack stores in in BC everything is English!

  4. Winter--Oh, if you can learn in the tropics do that! But take whatever you can get learning wise and then you can always go on a fabulous trip!!! I miss diving SOOOO much!

  5. Oh, and perhaps we can set a new date?? :)

  6. I love drives in the country, too. City driving stresses me out. Now I only head to the city about once a month....if I have to. lol!
    There are still a few newly-transported folk who live here that try to go way over the speed limit and pass me on very hilly roads. I just don't get it? Why move to the country, but not enjoy the country roads, too? That's a true benefit of country living, ya know?

    I smiled big when I read that you,too, have a son that calls you Mama. Or did. My twinling sons, who are almost 13 still call me Mama and I love it. Of course, they are home-schooled, so they haven't gotten swayed by peer pressure to change the name that they call me either, and I wouldn;t have it any other way :)

    Oh! And even though I can't compare to what you're going through with your hubby over in Iraq, I am getting a taste of what being a single 'wife' is like. My hubby is gone for two months at a time as a truck driver...and boy! Is it challenging and exhausting!

    Hang in there :)


  7. Thanx to you and your family for sacrificing so much for the sake of the country and the 'rest of us citizens'!
    Your post was quite something to ponder and I found it enlightening you really were so positive through it.
    PS My daughter is 25, married and owns her own farm and once in a while, she still calls me mama!


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