Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Horse Boy Revisited....Meeting the Author (and Producer!)...

On Sunday I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Rupert Isaacson, the author of the book 'The Horse Boy' and then seeing the Sudance film with the same title. Since I have quite a background in the autism realm (12 yrs. experience), my son's little brother is autistic, and of course my volunteer work at Triple H Equitherapy, this book and movie were of extreme interest to me. I had chatted live with Rupert a couple of times online, and while only getting to talk to him a very little bit during the book signing and in the Q&A session after the movie, I am excited to go to his ranch and really have a good convo. He has so much knowledge to impart, not just in the world of autistim, but as a consumate horseman. Raised in England by South African parents, his knowledge of dressage and eventing astound me. Just a neat guy and I'm sure his wife is just as great. I'm always looking for interesting horse people here in Texas so this was a real treat! The Horse Boy movie came out in independent theaters this week, if you don't read, give it a gander. Or do both like I did!!

Meeting Rupert...


  1. What a treat! I was already tearing up with the trailer!

  2. So cool...I will definitely go check the movie out...looks fantastic. I will have to keep my eye out for his booking signing in Portland. I am so envious of your Walter Zettl clinic...you are going to love him! A true master...I can't wait to hear about what you learned from him. Lots of pics for us:-)

  3. Awesome! That's great that you were able to meet him in person. How is his son doing now?
    I have this book sitting beside my bed waiting to be read. Nuzzling Muzzles read it and trhen sent it along to me. My daughter has Aspergers and OCD and we face daily challenges, too. She is too afraid to ride horses, though. She really wants a pony, though. She promises that she will ride it and love it. We only have one stall, though, so a pony won't be happening unless Baby Doll goes to a new home. Maybe I should forgo my own dreams, since they haven't quite worked out the way I had hoped for, and allow my daughter to live hers? I'm looking forward to reading this book. Maybe it will help answer some of my own questions....



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