Monday, September 7, 2009

Dr. Jones Steals Our Hearts

Last week Linda called to tell me of the latest ranch aquisition and I must admit I was quite skeptical at first. "A donkey? You got a donkey?" "Linda, why?" Apparently a neighbor had him and a couple others and thought Linda would be the perfect donkey parent. Since he was going to be given to her, Linda couldn't just say no thanks, she was kind of obligated to go and take a look. One look later and here he is! I am in love with him as well, so I know after seeing him I would not have been able to say no either!! He is a little loverboy, always in your pocket and wanting pets and love. Linda's son Matt named him Dr. Jones, so we aren't really sure the where, why or what of the name; I must ask him! My son Miles thinks it's a great name too! I call him Baby Jonesy or Jonesy because I feel that he is simply TOO cute (and also too young to be a Dr. of anything) to be called Dr. Jones. It's too formal!!! He is a miniature donkey so will only get to belly button height on us. Linda wants to teach him to carry kids, etc. under saddle and to use him as a pack donkey on trips. His training has already started and we have been leading him around by his bottom lip/chin. You cup your hand under the chin/lip and they are supposed to be able to be lead like you have them on a lead. So far, so good, he is getting it. He is a VERY smart little guy.
Dr. Jones. Yep. Very smart.

Me and Baby Jonesy

Linda and her new Dr.

Could he look any cuter???


  1. Amazingly cute! (And your boy's stitches are looking good, too.)

  2. No Mindy, I don't think he could look any cuter!! That last pic is the best! I think that's cool that Linda wants to give him some employment! You'll have to post some pics of him at work!

  3. Oh my gosh...that is the cutest thing ever! She needs to get another one and call it "Short Round!" Hey...about hoof boots...see if there is a distributor in your area for whatever brand you choose and see if they can come out and do a fitting. It is really get to see what works and you will get the right size. Good luck.

  4. That Mr. Jones is the cutest thing...I want one!


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