Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Am Down With O.P.P.!

OTHER PEOPLE'S PONIES!!!! I have been taking advantage of Jackson's healing process to ride two of my friend's horses, Ozzie and Shorty. Each so totally different and each teaching me more and more about myself and my riding. I look at pics and videos of us and go "DOH!", but it is a learning curve and I certainly hope that some things will come together with enough time spent in the saddle. Riding horses other than your own is a wonderful experience, I have found!!! What do you guys think of Jackson's healing? Time for a lesson this coming Wed. or what?

Enjoying some time on Shorty....

Learning on Ozzie...

Jackson's healing stitches...

Looking good!


  1. O.P.P is the best way to fine tune your riding! Thats great to have the opportunity to ride some others while your boy is recovering!

  2. GAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKK look at the spotty poneh! How freakin cute is that? And I usually don't even like Appys.

    His wound looks fantastic. I might suggest using a fleece girth cover for a while...

  3. Shorty is so cute! You look great on all the horses, but somehow odd. I suppose I'm just used to seeing you on your handsome boy Jackson. I'm glad he's healing up nicely. It won't be long now before you two are together riding again!


  4. This reminds me of the list I have on why horseback riding is better than sex. # 13: It is perfectly acceptable to ride a horse you have never met before, just once, or to ride many horses in the same day, whether you know them or not.

    Glad Jackson is healing up! I afraid to even suggest a ride at this point.

  5. Definitely gonna go fleece girth for awhile!!! I KNOW! I was never an Appy fan either, until I met my Spotty boy! Gaited too! God, he is a dream to ride with a personality to match!!! He gave me my nerve back after I broke my shoulder on Jackson....or at least was a big part of helping with it!
    I agree, I look DIFFERENT on these horses, but I actually think my size 5'10 and 164 lbs..(AGH!) is better suited to Ozzie who is bigger than Jacks! I think I look better on her honestly! But, I'm just gonna get super skinny again to look better on

  6. How do you keep your butt planted and legs still while cantering(loping)?

  7. Dc2Mom--Well, since I am working on learning classical dressage I can tell you that that is a pretty trashy little canter I'm doing on Shorty. I am sitting too far forward and my elbows are out looking like wings. That aside, I work to sit tall, yet deep and soft and let the lower back kinda swing in rhythm with the horse. Drop my thighs, knees low and feet light in the stirrups while letting hip joints open and close freely. Letting your hip joints relax and move freely is really the key. Make sure your heels are back under your ears, for example, if your horse were suddenly gone, could you stand up? If at anytime you find yourself "waterskiing" leaning back, pulling on the reins and pushing into the stirrups stop and start again as that is NOT what you want to be doing.... I suggest a book by Mary Wanless called Ride With Your Mind Essentials or Sally Swift's Centered Riding for the basics! I refer to each often and much, and these books can used no matter what the riding discipline!!!
    Hope this helps!!!

  8. Guess I shoulda said, if suddenly your horse were gone out from under you would you be able to stand up? Now the logical answer to that is ummm...i'd be on my butt crying, but it is just a visual aid to see if your legs are far enough back.... As for the leg part (keeping them still) that is ALL practice! Good luck!

  9. Shorty is ADORABLE! I love the spots!

    I agree, it's good to ride other horses sometimes. That always gives me a good idea if Klein is teaching me any bad habits :)


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