Tuesday, January 13, 2009

THREE cats.

Time for a blog about my cats. Yes, cats plural. I only ever wanted one cat. One. One became two. And now three. I like all animals, but I am really more of a dog person. I only have one dog. Just one. Of course she is almost fifteen and we have been together since she was six weeks old. But one dog. Three cats. Nasty litter box. I hate the litter box. But still I have THREE. Pictured first is the first cat onto the scene, Camilla Ludmilla. This is her you've been bad full name. We just call her Cammie. I got her as the tiniest of kittens to combat a mice problem I was having. Hmmm. That worked well. She fit into my hand when I got her. The mice were much bigger than her! Do to a delay in getting her fixed (procrastinator!) and with help from my dog door, Cammie got pregnant when she was a little over a year old. Yes. I know. Shame on me. But in my defense, every kitten (six of them) went to a nurse from work and this nurse kept one. Which leads me to Hally. The weirdest looking calico in the world. My son named her Halloween, I tacked on the Francis and a friend added Jazz Hands O'Malley. She has two white paws in front and plays jazz piano in a blues bar at night. Her microphone smells like a beer.... Got the two girls fixed at last and sighed in relief. Two cats. Way more than enough for me. But wait....no. Because two is never enough. Our latest addition. Piper McPiperson. The neighbor kids show up with this little guy on the coldest night of the year. As soon as he was put into my arms he went limp and started purring. He never stopped purring. He is a ball of purriness. I have never met such a docile, laid back, purring kitty. His gentle, sweet personality make his generic looks irrevelant. This is a cat to curl up with. I named him Piper because of his loud pipes, and the McPiperson got added on because there can't be any short names in this house when it comes to the cats! Enjoy the pics of the cats. All THREE of them.....
Did I mention I'm not really a cat person?

Cammie. Her eyes are ice blue.

Cammie--loves to sleep on anything black so she can leave her white hairs as witness.

Cammie nursing her kittens. Hally is perched right in front. She was the loudest cat in the bunch from the very beginning! And the only one without Siamese coloring. She is always ready with an opinion on what you are doing. MEEOOOWWW!

Cammie kitten asleep.

Miles with baby Cammie.

Baby Halloween Francis Jazz Hands O'Malley (Hally)

Grown up Hally. HUGE cat.

Piper McPiperson. He's purring.


  1. Hally is one odd looking cat. What do you call that color?

    Anyway, I'll take him! Just send him over please, if you get tired of him.

    I'm counting on our neighbor having a cat to let me cuddle when we move. Just, Lord, don't let it pee in my barn, please!

    ~lytha in Germany

  2. Lytha--Hally is a calico and she is a girl. For some reason calicos are always female! She is quite odd though, I agree!

  3. Ha, you think three cats are bad! I am unfortunate enough to have six. Oh yeah, and I am not really much of a cat person either. :)

    First there was Whiskers, or Whiskey. She is getting a bit old now (she is probably around 10) but she doesn't know it. Then there is Bootsie who is old, fat, and grumpy.

    I have had both of these cats for about ten years and would have been perfectly happy to never get another.

    Except I was buying my horse some feed a few weeks ago when I decided to go into the animal shelter across the street. Note: NEVER go into an animal shelter if you don't need another animal! Because what happens is you are looking at all the cute little puppies, when you see two teeny little kittens in one cage and their mom in the other. And they are just so tiny that you have to ask the secretary why they aren't in with their mom. And then of course you will end up adopting them when she tells you that their mom is feral and they are going to have to put her and her kittens down.

    So now I have two 1.5 week old kittens that I have to bottle feed every two hours. Great.

    And then, not even a week later, my neighbor goes a little bit insane and threatens to drown his kittens. So I end up with two more. These, thankfully, did not need to be bottlefed but WHY DID I END UP WITH SIX CATS?!?

    I don't even like cats that much. They are all hairy and they always want to lay on your face.

    Anyways, that was kind of super long.

    And Hally's baby picture is the cutest thing ever. Calicos are so pretty. :)

  4. Thanks for coming to visit my blog because now I've found yours and I'm having a great time here! We have 7 dogs so no cats live in my house although I love them. I had such a great time meeting your kitty family. They are beautiful.
    I also LOVE your saddle. I've been thinking about getting one but I don't know anyone who has used one. They just look so comfy.

  5. I am more a dog person too...but I ended up with "Winston" my fluffy cuddle bug. But I tell everyone "he is a dog trapped in a cat's body:-)" Love Hally...what amazing colors.

  6. Okay Mindy...just noticed the Slainte Mhath! is that Hebrew?

    I like your new look around here and your pic is adorable too! I too am thinkin that saddle looks compy!
    I had a Tabby Male cat Micheal Madison Cat so Piper is my fav!There is nothing generic about those stripes...I always thought of Mike, being striped, from the original Big Cats!

  7. KK-Slainte Mhath is Gaelic is a wish of good health from one person to another. Piper is really an awesome cuddlebug. I woke up this morning with all three cats in bed with me waiting for breakfast. They were taking turns peering into my face to see if I was awake yet!!

    JJ-I probably would of done the same thing! Kittens are such a joy though!

    Mountain Woman--I would recommend the Australian saddle hands down. It is super comfy for trail rides and lets you sit really deep. I love it! I got mine custom fit very reasonably from Down Under Saddles in Colorado.

  8. Your kitties all look so content and happy. Hally is such an unusual color. Very cool! I wonder if Hally is the result of two or more matings. She looks like she might have a black cat Daddy AND and an Orange Tabby Dad, too.

    All 3 of your cats are so pretty, though. How funny that you name them with such looooong names, lol!
    Around here their lucky to get just one. We've been known to name a cat...just cat. lol!

    Oh, and my saddle is an Aussie style, too. Noone knows what to think about my saddle when I show them. They only know about Western or English. I love mine. It's a suspended seat with a built-in gel pad. So comfy!

    Take Care,

  9. Your cats are too cute! They make me miss Nefertiti... I read you on the "I'm not a cat person", but boy, aren't they cute??? Although I'm forever a dog person, cats are precious creatures... Independent and owners of humans. Lol!

  10. Hey, by the way, we hope to have an aussie saddle sent out from the US, so I'm glad you & Lisa are giving it glowing reviews!

  11. ISHTAR!!You will have no regrets. I paid less than $400 for a custom fit Aussie Saddle and that is my favorite saddle hands down. My english saddle I paid $1200 USED and while I love it for the working (lesson) purpose, I absolutely live in my Aussie saddle!!!!
    :) Ya just never know!

  12. Your cat post made me giggle. Then the comments made me roar. How do a couple of non-cat persons end up with that many cats between them?

    I am a cat person and I only have one. We're into short names here.....one is Jasmine and the other Squeaker.......she's named for her voice just like your Piper kitty. My guess is your cat's purr is much nicer than mine's squeak! LOL

  13. OMGIH. Such sweet kitty pics. Just what I needed tonight. (Oh yes, I AM a cat person.) :-)


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