Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Birthday Present!

Guess what I got e-mailed to me today? Today being not only my birthday but also the anniversary of meeting my horse for the first time? BABY PICTURES! I bought Jackson two years ago and had yet to have seen any pictures of him as a little tyke! This is him with his mama! Her name is Jackie (I B Jacks) and Jackson (I B Jackson) is her little namesake. Jackie now lives in Austin, TX and is a hunter/jumper. She also had Bugsy whom you can see below. Bugsy is standing for the American Warmblood Society in the pic below to become a breeding stallion. He is a cutting AND dressage horse. Now THAT is versatility! His breeder Connie told me on the phone tonite (and I had soooo many questions but I was at work!!!) that he had three months of dressage training and went against 65 other horses in a dressage show (most of them Warmbloods) and came in 9th! I so can believe this because Jackson learns fast too! Connie still has Jackson's daddy the Arabian who is named Lamaras Firebusz (Buzzy) who just turned 27 on Jan 13th! I hope to go and visit and get pics of him to post. I met him once and he definitely lives up to his name! He can't be bred anymore as his legs are bad and he can't mount, but he is in full and happy retirement at Connie's farm. He is a piece of work!!!! In this New Year I would really love to start some serious training and it will be dressage because I feel that if you can do some sound dressage you can do anything....I'm sure many wouldn't agree and I won't get crazy about it, but I really think it will help us. Now I gotta work more to afford it...:)

Here is my guy doing his favorite thing--RUNNING! He is a very LET'S GO MOM kind of horse!

Jackson and his mama Jackie! Here he is doing what I REALLY WANT TO DO THE MOST--JUMPING!!!! Jackson was born May 9, 1999 on Mother's Day at 9:30 pm at night! I have his birthdate on his papers but I never knew about the time or that he was born on Mother's Day!!!

Jackie (the mama) and her current owner Angela.

Bugsy (Jackson's full blooded brother!) standing for the American Warmblood Society. I absolutely cannot believe how much he looks like Jackson! OK, OK a really CLEANED UP version of Jackson! ;)

So....Happy Birthday to Me...I hope this year is even better than the last!


  1. Happy Birthday! What a cool b-day present! Those pics are adorable!!!
    Bugsy is gorgeous too! I love chrome!

    I Looove that picture of Jackson and his Dam!
    So very nice for you to learn of all that you did and He will love the dressage, as will you!It is for the thinking horse and he does sound like that, being the breed he is!
    Very Nice day for you!

  3. You're so lucky! I don't know much about my horse past his last owner, so no baby pix. They are adorable.

    And Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! It's so nice to be able to have pictures of him as a baby. How adorable.
    Stick to your guns, there is nothing better than dressage for training a horse or rider in the beginning, no matter what you decide to do later, dressage is the foundation that will stay with you.

  5. Happy birthday!! Your boy is such a beauty! I was thrilled to see baby pictures of him - soo cute! I think I would just faint of joy if anyone had pictures of my Arwen as a baby, but unfortunately, she grew up in the bush and I know there were no cameras... Luckily for me, we get to document her daughter as if we've never experienced a horse, lol!

  6. Oh Jackson is so cute in those baby pictures! He's a gorgeous adult horse too!


  7. Wow, what a beautiful boy! Love the jumping picture of him as a baby, those long baby legs are just too cute!

  8. What an adorable litte guy running after his mama! And he turned into quite a handsome boy, too. :)

  9. That is a great present...would love to have baby pics of my girl. Way cool.

  10. Oh what beautiful baby pictures. Jackson looks like a natural born jumper to me. It's very exciting to have a horse in your life and I sure do understand the love you have for him. It's a special relationship.


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