Saturday, January 10, 2009


Nellie and Chesapeake (Chessie)

I got a phone call from my good friend Charity recently telling me that she and her family have moved to San Antonio. I met Charity when I lived in MD near the Washington D.C. area while I was in the Air Force. Her daughter Nellie and I hit it off with our love of horses and spent many hours in the saddle riding the horses of another friend of mine--Mary. Chessie (above) was my favorite to ride, she was the perfect horse to help you become a better rider. A TB at 23 she had pretty much been there done that, but was in terrific shape and loved to goooo! While Nellie rode Chessie, I rode Mary's gaited Rocky Mountain Horse Chief. I loved to ride either one! They loved to race each other and we always had fun on trail rides or taking lessons from a Grand Prix jumper down the road. When I moved, Nellie's family moved to Florida for three years and Nellie got her own horse, a TB named Dancer. I got my horse Jackson. We are going to ride together for the first time in four years tomorrow! When I met Nellie she was 12. Now she is 16! She is a wonderful rider and I love her company. I can't wait to meet her horse Dancer and for her to meet Jackson! So part 2 will be coming! I can't wait to see my friends again!


Nellie at age 12 before a schooling show at her lesson barn.


  1. Oh how exciting! A reunion! Nellie has a beautiful smile. She look so nice. I bet you guys will have a fabulous ride together!

    Have fun!
    New Mexico

  2. That is very exciting. Be sure to take pictures of the grown up Nellie. I do wish I had a closer riding buddy. My friend Nita lives about 20-25 minutes away and being busy adults, sometimes it's hard for us to get hooked up. And of course, there's been the weather lately. Yesterday it was so cold and WINDY. Looks like we may have better luck today. Have fun out there!

  3. I missed this somehow....I blame it has now deleated my blog is not even there when I go to look for anyone!
    Well, I went back on my last post to comments and clicked your name!
    I love that Thoroughbred mare! I am so glad that you will have riding pardners gal!


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