Monday, January 12, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Jackson has two black hooves in the front and two white hooves with black stripes in back!
He is pretending to eat grass in this bald patch of pasture....Hmmm...If she thinks I'm busy maybe she won't come halter me....

Jackson tacked up in his Australian saddle--note his mohawk from a neglected bridal path!! Must get some pics of him in his Bates Caprilli English saddle soon!

Linda on Jackson
It's always neat to see someone else on your horse, I love seeing him from that perspective!

Miles on Shorty
Time to get him riding boots I think!

Linda and Miles heading down the lane for a mini-lesson

Lesson is on! Learning how to turn.

How to make a circle

Back from the lesson. Miles with the serious look on his face that is also MY serious look when I concentrate on learning something!

Today was another beautiful day of riding here in Texas, as you may notice, all we needed were t-shirts and jeans! Hooray...I love living in a place where you can ride in comfort in the middle of January! Last night it went down into the low 30's tho' so don't get too envious! My friend Nellie's parents nixed her riding yesterday because apparently she has midterms all week and left studying to the last minute. D'oh! Bet she was kicking herself in the butt for that one! No worries though, we will ride together soon and I'll post her 4 years later pictures! Can't wait to see her and her horse Dancer! Linda and I rode for about an hour and a half and then came back to let Miles get a mini-lesson on Shorty. He is really taking an interest in riding so it may be time to get him some proper boots. I hesitate only because he is growing so darn fast! We bought him jeans in September that are now highwaters on him! Really! Like 3 inches too short. Need to find him inexpensive boots as he will outgrow them too fast to invest any real money as of yet! Any ideas anyone? Tried out the new camera and am quite pleased, these are just with the auto point and shoot function, it has a lot of modes and things I want to learn--especially the sport, kid and pet modes which will hopefully let me get action shots more easily! It also has the shake reduction and face recognition function which are great. At 10.1 mp I will also be able to get enlargements without the blurriness which my old 3.2 mp camera had. I stuck with the same Pentax brand as the last camera and am quite pleased that I did. Linda liked my camera so much she went on e-bay and bid on the same camera and actually got it $10 cheaper than I did! COOL.

Obie sits and poses.

Bo looking adorable.


  1. Hi Mindy,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Love your horse and the one your son is riding too. The dogs are adorable. I know they grow so fast at this age, but a pair of cheap boots with a heel would probably be good for his riding adventures. It's so nice that you have that great weather in Texas, I'm so envious right now. We've got snow and ice here, seems like it will never warm up. Enjoy your rides.

  2. That's too bad about Nellie. Maybe when midterms are over we'll have another nice day. I would have been comfortable yesterday in my long sleeved T and my little fleece vest. I had been cold in the house and wore my long underwear top and had to roll my sleeves up.

    I love Shorty pony!!!

  3. I love Shorty Pony!! Way too cute! Enjoy all your critter photos.

  4. Great shots with your camera! I love seeing my bloggy friends and their friends and family out enjoying their horses. Your son looks like a natural. I agree with Grey Horse Matters about the boots.
    My regular pair of riding boots are just cheap ankle boots, with a heel, bought from Walmart.
    Biggest thing is making sure they're not ruber soled.
    When I fell of my horse, I was wearing my new Sketcher fleece lined black suede knee high boots, that I bought last year on sale. They have a heel, so I thought, 'why not?'
    I had forgotten to check to see if they were rubber.....
    I have endurance stirrups with a thick cushy rubber pad, and my rubber boots got snagged on the pad on the way down. Hence my torn ACL :(
    Ironic that my first time wearing those boots was the first time I've fallen off my horse. gah!

    Anyway, I'm so glad to see you back and posting again.

    Take care,

  5. Love the horses, Good to see your son taking up riding. The picture of the dogs is great.


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