Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Horse Weekend Day #1~ACTHA Passionately Pink Ride

ACTHA ride number three, and this riding weekend started on my fortieth birthday, January 28th! I almost didn't get to go thanks to Jackson setting back and pulling a hitching post almost the size of a telephone pole straight onto my shoulder, chest, and face! OH OW! Usually I just jump up after I fall off, and get right back on, but I actually laid on the ground for about five minutes with this one. My mouth was full of blood, and it was hard to breathe. I spontaneously started crying, which I normally would NEVER do. So, I laid there and analyzed my injuries, and finally sat up with a wince (I called out to Rick who was working on fences not far away, but I think I was croaking his name, not my usual bellow:) deciding I was going to most likely live. Jackson was standing over me the whole time with a concerned look, as if to say, "Mom, that hurt? I'm sorry, but you were putting that Veterycin spray in my face; yes mom, I know we've done it 75 times, but this was the 76th time, so I really had to sit back. OK? Mom?" I went home, rested up, took all the Ibuprofen my kidneys could handle, and packed for the trip the next day. My birthday ruined by a pole? NOT. Thank goodness, it could have been BAD. We arrived at Suwanee Music Park in Live Oak, FL at about 11am, settled the horses into their stalls, and set up camp. A few people decided to go on a trail ride, but I was SOME hurtin' so I opted to chill and save it for the two days of riding that were coming! Thanks so much to my friends who helped me celebrate my birthday, took me on this fabulous trip, and put up with my debilitated, slightly grouchy (pain does that) self all weekend! It was a blast! All proceeds from Day #1 of the "Big Chill at Suwanee" went to benefit the Susan G. Komen fund in support of breast cancer. Luckily, we weren't chilly, it went into the 60's every day!!! :)
Cash feelin' THE PINK!

For those of you who have asked about the tattoo on my arm, and aren't on my FB, here it is...
Fortieth birthday present to myself, I had it placed on my upper left arm.

Setting up camp... Kathy with Amber who was "helping.."

Yummy chicken wings--Rick is such a great grillmeister!
Kasi holds dogs under her spell with her special hand motion.

OOPS! I started to cut it before I was reminded we needed a pic. I wanted that buttercream icing and white cake, MY FAVORITE birthday cake! I received bubble wrap from Kathy and Rick....after going off at a couple of big jumps (minor), and then the hitching post (hurty), I cracked UP! My real present was an eventing vest I had been wanting from Kathy and Rick. It fits PERFECTLY and the navy blue is one of our colors! :) Elise got me a neon orange hat cover to inform hunters NOT to shoot, and a beautiful horse picture frame. Thanks guys. 

Amber at seven months...

Harley at one year...

 Cast of horses:
Bugs The Morgan

Pokey The Paint-QH

My Jackson :) --AngloArab


Mr. Monster--QH

How camping with a few cops is different... Elise was told to go ahead and start the fire with a police looked like a stick of dynamite, not the safety ones you get in your car kit.... LOL. 

Night fall on our "camp"

Made sure my boy was settled in for the night... then

I imbibed on Patron and Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila...
Drink the good stuff and you will not suffer ze hangover!

Day #1 Dawned bright, early, and beautiful!

Kasi and Cash

On the trail, making our way to the next judged obstacle...
Susie on Breeze
Suzanne and Quinn on Tequila and Kahlua
I especially think Tequila the grey is one gorgeous horse, I love his coloring! OH. And his name.... ha!
Their horses weren't in the barn so I didn't get up close shots, but they are gorgeous!

Elise on Bugs

Jackson and I

Rick and Monster

The obstacles were really easy on Day #1... or we are getting better? :)


Two Lil' jumps as one of the obstacles. Kinda fun watching Western riders jump! Not that many of them can't, some better than myself. It just never looks right, and of course, you can't jump too high without a horn impaling you! ;) There was a major accident from what I hear, a woman went off, and then her horse kicked her. NOT cool...

Kathy won Fourth Place on Day #1, and the Pinkest rider too!
Kathy and Pokey were so awesome!

Cash's breastcollar for Day #1... I LIKE!

 Stay tuned for Day #2: "Still Chillin' at Suwanee".....


  1. I love love love your tattoo. So cool! Glad you were feeling good enough to celebrate your birthday after the pole incident. The competitive trail rides look fun!

  2. Happy Birthday ....sorry to hear about the injury. Dont horses catch you unaware at the most inconvenient times!. Your trip looked like a whole load of fun!!!!

  3. Oh man- yourB-day TAT is Beautiful, can't wait to show my sissy!HAPPY BIRTH YEAR to YOU dear heart!!
    Maybe I'll get one for my is my AARP year this year..freaks me out a bit!

    What a blast you are having...even with some incidents.Good to have the helmet on..most of my head incidents were from objects while being around the horse!Glad you're okay!
    AWESOME TIMES with your friends! Jackson do you Mind! Funny about our tack too...good things that we have to use all the time -are always favs...when they stand the test of time and wear!

    Well..I have not posted about it yet as I have totally immersed myself in interviewing, reading and demo-ing Treeless saddles.
    I was pretty sold(except I can't afford it) the "Saddle fit 4 life", Hans Schlese- well made saddles that addresses the twist needing to be different for women vs men. And it being fully adjustable for the changes of the horse. ( the 9 videos, on You Tube-VERY informative for saddle fitting!!)
    So...saving my bucko$ I have been, since last August.
    I decided that a treeless would suit me till I coulds have the $ for the Schlese saddle.....
    totally opened a can of worms and found out- via Video- and Xray photo's...that even a well fitting saddle on WOOD with METAL "can't move" when the horse can just be adjusted for the horse while he stands and some light movements under rider.

    "ANSUR" saddlery has some GREAT endorsments from all kinds of horses/riders...up to FEI levels and trainers/judges. I'm pretty inpressed.
    So..I am now decided to go that direction. It is the BEST MADE Treeless SADDLE going!
    Blaw blaw...sorry-should have e-mailed ya!
    Do check it out...EQUINEMINE blog has done ALL the Videography for the website. She has 2 free saddles coming to her!

  4. Kac--- Yes I saw Julie's video, she did a nice job for them. I love the saddle in the ad, HOWEVER would not want to clean it, hah! Do they make jumping saddles? I'll have to check it out since I'm now looking. My instructor let me try her Stubben Artus yesterday; just the mere fact that it was close to the correct size really seemed to help my jumping....

  5. I love your tattoo. Happy Birthday.
    This event looks like so much fun - camping, riding, tequila - what's not to love??? I wish we had facilities like this in Atlantic Canada.
    Thanks for leaving me the comment the other day. It pushed me into being more clear and hence I got a lot of great advice.

  6. Oh wow! You're so lucky you weren't more seriously injured. When my first horse pulled back, she not only tore the welds off the metal pipe rail, the railing slammed into my shoulder and rammed me into the ground, which shattered my tibial plateau 9same knee that I had just had ACL surgery on 6 months earlier!)
    For me, there was no getting up to do anything at all....just 8 more weeks using crutches. gah!

    So, yeah...sometimes there is crying in horse riding. lol!

    The event sounded like a great time. You and Jackson looked great, especially over that jump.
    Happy Birthday! You received some nice gifts and have some terrific horse friends, too.

    I hope that lady who fell and was then kicked by her horse wasn't seriously injured or worse.
    It's really awful when a horse kicks you...I know. *sigh*


  7. i like your tattoo! i got a Ravendancer tattoo for my 40th birthday. sound like fun birthday ride. all except for the pre-party with the hitching post.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  8. love the pink ribbon blaze on the horse's head! looks like a great weekend; inspires me to arrange camping with my horses for this summer! nice to find your blog, Corinna

  9. Nice tattoo you got for your birthday! I have one on my right wrist of Gilly I got for my 60th birthday this year.
    I have wanted to go on a ride like this for a long time maybe this year will be the year!
    Hope you and Jackson are doing well, he is so pretty!!! Would love to do more jumping with Gilly but don't know if I could do it, not a problem for him, he loves to jump!

  10. OH Minday...I know you are alive and kicking left me a comment!!!
    Thanks for that~
    PLEASE come on back and post someting-small-Love to hear more...or mail me, maybe I'll mail you!
    and horseyhugs to Jackson

  11. what a nice site! great job..keep it up!

  12. I want to know what's the symbol on your cake....


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