Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Always There Are the Horses

Periodically, I run across this poem, yes, the one I got my blog title from, and reflect on its greatness. So, while I am certain I have posted this three years ago, here it is again!


I ride because I rode as a child when life was
simpler and somehow more complete. Only the whiff of a
clean horse is needed to remind of days gone by.

For always there have been the horses.

I ride because of all the great horse souls who have
shared their lives with me and taught me more than I
can say. Their names and faces flash before me as old
friends. I ride because of all the horses I shall
never ride. Those I have watched and marveled at from
afar for all their grace and beauty. This, the stuff of a
child's dream, the kind that doesn't die with time.

Always there are the horses.

I ride because the seasons call to me. Each unique in
its appeal and all quite frequently best viewed from
the back of a favorite horse. I ride because of all
things; horses are my passion. They inspire and
encourage, energize, and challenge in ways I cannot
explain to the uninitiated. I ride because of the
rush of stretching oneself just a bit farther today than
before, both mind and body.

Always there are the horses.

I ride because of those briefest of spans when the
partnership comes to full promise. When the path
twists and barriers fall, each footfall is measured
and balanced between the two as a dance.
There are no others, only this moment and this single step to ride.
The memories of those times stand vivid in my mind to
be recalled with all the freshness of the day at will
and in times less grand.

But if I must choose, I ride because I have dreams
yet to live. I ride because I have dreams yet to have;
and what exactly they will be tomorrow I cannot say,
but always there will be the horses.



  1. OH Mind! That ius really special!!
    I love the line..."when the partnership comes the full promise"...
    May I use that sometime in my blog?

    Thanks for the visit and I "ALWAYS there is the Mindy" to cheer me, I feel inside!
    YOU Look so different as a Blond, and so much skinnier too! I so did not recognise you. I think I got an invite for facebook from you on email...I don't do facebook. Just would suck so much time away from me...blogging is about as much time as I wish to give to the computer..!!(not to mention e-mail and photography)

    Love to you!PS
    What is your Tat??

  2. OH my goodness! Oh my goodness!!! I'm here! I'm HERE!!
    I downloaded Firefox and now I. Am. Able. To. Finally. Visit. Your. Blog, Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, very happy!!!!!

    The poem is beautiful, of course!


  3. Kacy-You may use anything you want, I need to put unknown under that thing, I have no idea who wrote it! I emailed you my tattoo pic. It is a gaelic jumping horse. And I'm sorry you aren't on FB b/c it is a fab quick way to keep up with folks. But I understand! :)

    Lisa-Welcome back, since I wasn't really posting all that much, I'm not sure you missed ANYTHING! :)

  4. So very sweet from someone who loves poetry & horses. I am a follower of yours now.

  5. This is Adelia Ramey's poem........should created her.


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