Friday, December 17, 2010

Is Zat YOU Santa Claus?

I plan on a couple of killer posts to come back from my bloggy hiatus SOON! I have been having a BLAST with Jackson! Wait till you hear all we are doing NOW! I think with over 1,000 pics to weed through, I have become overwhelmed! Until then, myself ,and MY special Santa--who brings me all of life's greatest gifts-- wish you a simple, peaceful Christmas with your loved ones-- furry and human!
Mindy & Jackson/Santa


  1. Have a great Christmas and enjoy your times with Jackson! Hope you get to see Miles.

  2. Adorable Mind!
    Jackson...if you're Santa...Wa is'll be seeing each other soon!

    Great to hear you are well, and SEE the sunshine there!

    L*O*V*E to you and yours too dear heart!

  3. So what is it like to live in horse country in Florida?

  4. Karen--Living in horse country in Florida is MY dream come true! I LOOOOVVVVEEEE it SO much! :)


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