Monday, September 20, 2010

San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park

Parking lot of trailers...and two had just pulled out
Four hour ride yesterday. Seriously the longest and most strenuous Jackson and I have done in awhile, we were both beat by the end, but WOW this State Park is to die for! Pretty much attached to Sawhorse Farm it is 7,000 acres of well marked horse and bike trails. And the horse trails are JUST for the horses! Nice. People trailer in to ride here, but we have our own personal gate, how awesome is that? When my friend who I came to stay with here in Florida heard that the farm borders this park, her mouth dropped open, and her comment was just, "Wow, that's incredible." Now I know what all the hoopla is about. It really is! We ambled about, trotting alot, and the footing is great on most of the trails. You can pretty much find sand or grass with packed sand beneath it. We did find probably one of the crappiest trails in the park at one point, and it was loaded with tree roots, but MAN, there is NO rock. My barefoot horse says, "YES!" On most of the trails you can ride side by side. It was kind of funny at one point. Jackson was just doing his ground covering trot, and Bugs the Morgan was cantering beside us at the same speed. I have officially decided that I hate my Australian saddle, and will trail ride in my flat jumping saddle from now on. I can't handle the way the Aussie throws me out of position. It may be my particular saddle, or the fact that I just am an English rider and can't handle the loss of contact either. Anyhow, next ride will be back in my Bates Caprilli. Enjoy the pics, not many great ones, I only took a few. I was quite absorbed in the forest!
Off-roadin' it on horseback! :)

                                             Can you spot the bridge?

I am looking forward to getting myself in better shape, and I'm actually very surprised that I am not more sore today! I guess riding four days a week is already working on me. The sand and the hills are excellent conditioning for the horses. There are areas of grass with sand underneath, and areas where its ankle deep and white like at the beach. Yeah. Can you tell I'm super excited about the footing? Sorry. Texas rock was harsh! There are going to be many rides in this park, I can't wait!


  1. I was reading your blog earlier, but eating my lunch so didn't comment :) Then saw your comment to me so came back. I am SO jealous of your trails. What a great experience. Maybe my husband and I will get our courage up to trailer to Florida in the winter months some year.

  2. Wow..4 hours! I'm exhausted after an hour, lol! That's my goal for next year...long happy trail rides! What fun!! :)

  3. Beautiful trails. Neither my butt nor my tack is ready for four hours in the saddle.

    Hiya girlie!
    Your Jackson is sooo buff..he looks like a QH!!DO NOT tell him that!

    So sorry to be absent. Thanks for visiting me. You always can make me smile, ya know.

    Been a bit depressed, but reading about those trails out the back gate WOO lifing me up.
    I am SOOO glad that you moved there.Aren't you?!
    You should write me e-mial or txt. so we may blabbbb more.

    Jackson and Washashe- baby...Trotting fantasticos...most have to canter near her too, in her out and out trot. That is neat to hear of his talents!

    I have to two gets soo lllooonnnggg too hard to post even!It's like a gaited horse.

    Your times have JUST begun girl..and mine too, I pray. I should be moving stuff in and I am sitting here...sick day off like...when, I am just simply depressed, not sleeping.
    My mare looks to be getting healed though.I rode the BO horse off property yesterday, and she cantered and bucked down the fenceline!
    After I send this off to you, am making her another apt for a massage..she was too wracked up last time, to touch her hind end.

    THRILLED about that footing with you...nice job know how to pick the perfectly moutyh watering spots to tease us with!! HA!
    Love to you goes~

    Loved the 'Off Road Horse trail" signage!

  5. I always trail ride in my dressage comfortable...I am rarely sore. We did 27 miles a couple Sundays ago...was a little stiff, but not bad. I need to catch up on my blogging and find out when/why you moved to Florida?? You look great in your main blog guys have accomplished so much in the past year...high five!

  6. Hi! Just found your blog, always wondered what horsin around was like in Florida.. what beautiful trails!!! I have a quarter horse that looks something like your guy, another redhead. My boy is 14 too..

    So, I'll be following along, from This Old House in Connecticut.

  7. Those trails are to die for, and the footing sounds like heaven for horses. We're all rock and roots up here and that's no fun. I'll bet you will be enjoying those trails all winter, so lucky. Glad you're not sore you must be in better shape than you thought. Have fun riding!

  8. Alrighty Mind,
    Been looking for you, praying for my friend on Florida.
    So many flogs get out of blogging, or blog boredom for nothing new to say...but you, dear girl, live life hard, try new things, make new friends, ride new trails-basically-concur!

    So that when you come back to have all sorts of things to share. I like your style. I'm adopting it too, you mind?

    How are you? How is your beautious horse? Home/family?
    Remember my mail box?

    Throw us a line to your life...we (I) misss your cheerfull/or otherwise, self!

  9. Stay tuned! I have NOT left blogging! I am, however, VERY BUSY walking my walk! Wait n' see all we've done, it'll be worth it, I promise!
    Kac-check your email...

  10. I have over 1,000 pics to go through thanks to my blogging laziness....patience please.


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