Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Suwanee River Challenge~ACTHA Ride

Live Oak, Florida

I LOVE this mural!
My friend Brian tells me I am "Brokeback Hilton" camping!

Our horses stalls were about 250 feet from our campsite! :)

Part of the campgrounds....

And what fun is camping without dogs? This is Harley at 10 months..

And Amber (3 months) totally crashed in the bathroom!

Cast of characters from left to right: Kasi on Cash, moi on Jackson, Susie on Dakota, Rick on Monster, Kathy on Elmo. : Not pictured: Babette on Cutter, Suzanne on Kaluha, and Quinn on Tequila

Our first American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) ride ever! I decided not to compete, just to "ride" and have Jax and I both get some learning in! He was SO great!!!

Rick and The Monster -- a.k.a. 'Mr. Ed!'
We rocked our emergency dismount at a trot, good deal!

Susie having FUN!

Kathy my Barn Owner.... lookin' good on Elmo!

We are BOTH looking and thinking about this one!

The approach...

Reach for it, REAACHH for it...

Got it! Right before Jackson wheeled around into a major 360! I never lost the hat though, and even got some applause!

Suzanne nails it in under a minute!! :)

THE TARP with a sprinkler spraying across it... Some had to walk across...

...And some of us had a steady Eddy like Cash to walk us across! Good BOY Jackson!

Great scenery, eh? The river is RED from the tannic acid in the the trees! It's so beautiful and odd... 
Great pic of Kathy and Elmo!


Awww! Love this pic of Jax!

Kathy my Barn Owner (and schlepper of Jax and I to awesome rides, and shows! THANKS! :)

Kasi and Cash
High Point Winners!

Babette and Cutter
2nd Place Winners!
YES, our group rocked it!

Susi & Dakota making the hill look like cake!

Believe it or not, I'm deep in thought about something here, Lord knows just WHAT! Yes, I promise I'm not about to cry! :)

Rick (Kathy the barn owner's hubby!) and I contemplating cantering the trail-- then all eight of us in our group did! ;)

Cutest pic from the entire weekend!


Kasi and Cash took the OVERALL Champion for BOTH days! --Deserved!!!-- The first pic is just a little part of her leg, that is how far down she had to reach off his hugeness!


  1. Mind!
    You and Jax are looking so good in Sunny Florida..sooo cool too, your trail challenge with all your friends. Can't get much better than this, I tell ya!

    I love that shot of Jackson too!
    Excellent adventure!

    To answer your camera question...I have bern using a CanonPower Shot digital. It has some nice manual features.
    Be back for more at work.
    Xo Kac
    Happy New Year dear!

  2. Wow, there were some pretty intense obstacles there! What a gooooooood boy Jackson was. How do you even train for those? Did you know there was going to be a tarp with a sprinkler? That is kind of insane.

  3. Getting that hat looked tough! You guys rocked!

    Looks like everyone had great fun! Very Cool!

  4. Megan--We didn't train, that's why I audited! We have all kinds of obstacles at the farm (barn owner's hubby is on a Mounted State Hwy Patrol team), but I hadn't done anything with them! I had no idea about the tarp, but Jackson was like, "Mom, I really don't need to follow Cash, I'm fine..." so we then did it ourselves. We did another day one in November, we competed, I've never even looked up to see if we placed, we completed five out of six obstacles. The one that virtually NO ONE got was turn on the haunches but you had to do the 180 INSIDE a hula hoop. Totally stupid! We are going back at the end of Jan. for another weekend to sponsor breast cancer (our group requested it) and it is called 'The Big Chill'. It's my birthday weekend so I'm looking forward to having FUN! And we will be competing, look out everyone! Jax is in the HOUSE! :)

  5. Loved all the pictures (except the snake, not a big fan) you all looked like you had a great time. Jax and you are really looking good, Florida must agree with you both. Your trailer is awesome, and the dogs are adorable.

  6. Grey Horse--Ha ha! Not my trailer OR my dogs! I'm just a lucky "friend" who gets to enjoy it with my friends! I don't even OWN a trailer right now :( I will let my friends know that you like their dogs tho', they are such sweeties! :)

  7. What FUN!! You and Jackson look very very happy!
    What kind of horse is Cash..he's HUGE and beautiful too!

  8. Kristen--Cash is 1/2 Belgian and 1/2 QH. He is an awesome guy who has had major work put into to him to get him where he is.... he has had to learn how to be as awesome as he is, just like any horse! Kasi and him are a great pairing tho! And yes, he is HUGE!

  9. How fun! You look great, Mindy!

  10. Really cool pictures, thanks for posting all of them! Looked like a lot of fun!

  11. I'm jealous of your camping trip. Looks like sooo much fun! If my husband and I were braver we'd trailer to Florida with the horses for a few weeks, but it seems like a very big under taking.
    I love the picture of the Belgium horse with the double saddle!
    Thanks for following my blog and the comment. I share your reasons for wanting to slim down, but I don't think I have your will power :)

  12. I have just found your blog and have really enjoyed having a look through. I have just bought an arab first ever. I normally ride draft crosses with pinto babies of draft descent coming on. Sounds like you have loads of fun with your crew of terrific friends.

  13. You've been awarded the Stylish Blogger award. Stop by to get it.

  14. I have done a number of ACTHA rides in California on my horse - Jackson also! They're a blast-

  15. Thanks for participating in Thursday Two Questions today. Sounds like some great subjects for your books, would love to read them. They are both new to me.
    It's true what you said about #2. I guess I better screen through what I am about to write before I post things online. A reminder is always good. I can tell you that sometimes I am a bit surprise to find stuff I wrote in my comments. :-)


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