Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Winnah'!

Folks, we have a Holiday horseshoe winner! Since my son was home sick from school today, I grabbed my OLD first jumping helmet (the one I would have died in back in those days if I'd ever hit my head--really, NO cushioning!) and dropped the entrants names in. I then had Miles pick the winner. Julie from over at Equine Mine was the name Miles picked out.
Julie's advice to me was: "Here are a couple little mantras I like to remind myself of...."My horse has no goals, only I do" and "Make the right thing easy, the wrong thing difficult" and "Never take soundness for granted...everyday I ride I consider a gift." Wonderful advice Julie. Thanks.
If anyone does want a horseshoe, I make them for $15 plus s&h. I can make many different types, different sized shoes, colors, charms, stones, etc. I have recently had an offer to sell them on the Riverwalk downtown in a really cool eclectic gift shop, the owner is going to sell them for $35-85 depending on the beads, size, etc... I have not totally committed to this yet, we shall see...
I will also have another little giveaway sometime after Christmas so you may get a horseshoe yet! Thanks for all the comments, I really enjoyed them.
Come back over tomorrow and meet a new family member! I can't wait for you all to see her!!!


  1. This would be a perfect gift for one of my friends. I'd like one! What do I do next?

  2. Megan-What color of beads, etc do you want? I'll make you one, no problem! Email info to me at

  3. Sweeeet Jules will enjoy that very much!
    I do love those mitts and your routine- is much like mine!


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