Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Amusing Little Update...And NEW additions!

Turkey Exploded. Stand By Please.

The now infamous Turkey Cake....

After taking the computer to the Doc and one power supply later, I am back to blog land again! Sure have missed being able to post! Just wanted to show you what Miles (my son) made for Thanksgiving. Of course, this cake stole the show, and it was his creation from A-Z. And before you ask where the feathers came from as all 10 people at my friend's house did before partaking in a slice, they came from the local craft store! :)We had a really nice day and Miles got to meet Lorri's new Rhodesian Ridgeback Heike, who, at six months isn't so new (or small) anymore, and then we all got to meet Linda's new horse Traveler who she had just picked up Thanksgiving morning. Traveler started out with the name Cowboy which was a resounding NO! He is a three year old QH with 60 days under saddle. I can't wait to ride him! But he is getting short rides so he'll grow properly yada da dum... but that is why he looks a bit gangly and non-muscular! I will post again and update the riding front, just wanted to say, "HELLO!" my peeps!

Traveler (ummm. Jackson's new twin?)

Heike. Lorri's new Rhodesian Ridgeback


  1. What a gorgeous dog! She's a doll! I love Ridgebacks..

  2. We used to have two ridgebacks! They are THE BEST!!

  3. Welcome back! Mmmm, cake! Very creative...

  4. That is a very creative cake. Is Miles still on his vegetarian kick?


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