Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....In Which Cammie Does Her Thing.....

My cats all fight for the priviledge of sleeping on this little blanket that I have. It is the coveted place to sleep in the house and you always know who is the leader of the pack at any given time by who is on this small blanket......You will NEVER find more than one cat on the blanket although you may find all three cats located on different spots on the bed where the blanket resides. After much study of their behaviors I still can't figure it out!!!! (Well...I guess I'm not too good at being WORDLESS am I?) Ahhhh well.....


  1. Lol! Trust a cat to find all that is life qualitish!!

  2. All right, what is this Wordless Wednesday thing? What are the rules?

  3. Well, there weren't MANY words, anyway!

  4. Albigears--Not too sure. I think just post a photo that says 1,000 words. You really aren't supposed to have a comment, but a title is good. You can have more than one photo....Maybe ask Kacy at All Horse Stuff, she is good with this.
    Obviously, I cannot be wordless....


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