Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The REAL Deal....

Jacks in his Bates Caprilli Jumping we need to JUST JUMP IT!!!
here i am pointing to the tree that my I left marks on after hitting a few months ago.... argh.

And now, the REAL DEAL....................

When you are tense, let me teach you that there are lions in them thar woods and we need to
leave now!
When you are short-tempered, let me teach you to slog around the pasture for an hour before you can catch me.
When you are short-sighted, let me teach you to figure out where, exactly, in the 40 acres I am hiding.
When you are quick to react, let me teach you that herbivores kick much faster and harder than omnivores.
When you are angry, let me teach you how well I can stand on my hind feet because I don't feel like cantering on my right lead today.
When you are worried, let me entertain you with my mystery lameness.
When you feel superior, let me teach you that, mostly, you are the maid service.
When you are self-absorbed, let me teach you to PAY ATTENTION. Remember how I told you about those lions in them thar woods?
When you are arrogant, let me teach you what 1200 lbs of YAHOO LETS GO! can do when suitably inspired.
When you are lonely, let me be your companion. Let's do lunch. Also, breakfast, snack and dinner.
When you are tired, don't forget the 600 lbs of grain that needs to be unloaded.
When you are feeling financially secure, let me teach you the meaning of " Veterinary Services".

When you want to learn, hang around, bud. I'll learn ya.

Thanks to and a fellow blogger bud who led me to this part of the poem after I posted my A Little Perspective Piece....


  1. Umm, I want to hear about the encounter with the tree, having just had a close encounter myself with the ground.

  2. I just had a smashing encounter with the ground(2 new posts)..I want to hear about the tree!

  3. What about the tree? gah!
    From another horse-rider that made contact with the ground this year...twice. ugh!

    That horse poem is too funny.


    word verification: sayin

    I'm just sayin. lol!

  4. LOL! My favorite:
    When you are arrogant, let me teach you what 1200 lbs of YAHOO LETS GO! can do when suitably inspired.

    too hilarious...


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