Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Trainer and a Dressage Lesson....AT LAST!!

Warming up and giving Jackson a pat...

Allison giving instruction...
Great day today! After volunteering for an hour as a sidewalker at my equitherapy program, I had my first lesson with Allison, my new dressage instructor. She also trains two accomplished dressage riders that I know, (one of them being my friend Lorri) and their riding speaks for her talent as a trainer. She is charming (the only way to put it!) with her English accent and inspiring words. She made everything so much easier, and with just a bit of work had Jackson and I on the right track and solved problems and questions that I had been asking myself for months. She also is VERY encouraging and tells you when you look good. And the nice thing was, I know she meant it, because I FELT IT. She was much impressed with Jackson and how quickly he learns, and laughed at how easily he is to read when something doesn't feel right, and how happy and elegant he is when I am riding him correctly. Like horse like rider. I had to laugh because everything I feel can be read on my face---not always a good thing! I wanted our lesson to go on FOREVER, I felt like I could ride with her everyday and still not have enough! Happy day, I have finally found a trainer!!!! :)


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you found a trainer that you like and have confidence in. I am currently looking for the same...!

  2. How fun! Soon we'll be seeing videos of you doing... dressagey things.

    Yes, let's reschedule our trail ride. Lake or down your way?

  3. Thats so great!!! I know how difficult it can be finding a knowledgable trainer who also suits your learning style and personality. Seems the older I get the pickier I get about trainers as well, probably because I am not nearly as gutsy as I use to be.

    I am excited to see how the lessons progress!!

    Geez I miss riding!!!

  4. Well done on finding someone you get on with and who is so encouraging. We took ages before we found Caitlin's dressage instructor. xx

  5. Oh Lovely my dear!
    You are blessed to have someone like her and with an English accent is too cool!
    Don't you love it when they say that you've got AND you can feel it!
    This is gonna be good!

  6. Yay! I'm so happy for you and Jackson. It's really wonderful when you find a good fit. :)


  7. Would anyone know of an opportunity to take dressage lessons in South Korea? I am from Ireland and lived in America for a number of years and took many dressage lessons and had my own horse. But I am currently working in south korea and all I want to do is ride. I did find an equestrian center not far from wher I live but it is a race farm.

    Thank you,



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