Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog Winners--Finally Announced....

YEAH. Sorry 'bout that. I did, however notify the winners on the specified day!! Congrats to Pru over at BigRedHorse on winning the horsehoe of her choice, she has chosen red and black which are her and Olly's eventing colors. Winner #2 was Kristen who owns Laz over at SweetHorsesBreath . She now has no excuse not to clean her tack--she won the Leather CPR. I put all contestants in a bowl and pulled out the winners, so I did not even do it like I said I would, making it easier to win! I guess the prize giver can change her mind, eh? :) In case anyone is interested in which of the hay bags I would pick if I were to buy one: I really liked the Tye Dye and the Girrafe Print! They are so quirky and weird--cool! That said, they are mongo expensive in my book. But since when are these horsey hunks of love cheap? Which one would I NEVER, EVER buy? The zebra print! UGH...

Congrats, ladies. I do sell the shoes, and for my blog buds will make it very reasonable, but at this time am BACKLOGGED! I really only make them when the mood hits, and custom orders are the hardest. I always worry that they won't be liked and the shoe ends up getting three weeks of thought, and then I do it in an hour! I prefer to go with my gut, make them, and then sell them or give them to friends... That said, I've never done red and black, this will be fun.

I may be blog-o-cating for awhile, but I will post it all e-ven-tuall-y!

Jackson says "Congrats gals, now where is MY treat?"
Don't you love how you think you got a good shot, then realize something like your tack is ahem. not fully latched? argh. It was hot. And this was not taken with my phone even! I got out the darn camera! Points for that at least.... :)


  1. Very cool. If I would have been in the loop as far as blogs lately I would have entered, damn it. Those horshoes are awesome! Let me know whenever you feel like or have time to make more, I definitely want one! If Klein wore shoes I'd send you one...I'll have to buy a draft shoe to send anyway whenever you're taking orders.

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Love your beaded horse shoes! So cool!

  3. Oh no! I missed the comp. I must pay more attention!


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