Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cool AS?

I just found the most awesome website and am so excited to try out a few of their products! Living in Texas where, it gets HOT, ahem. (Ya' think?) I was especially excited to find these products in this month's issue of, well, one of my magazines :) Practical Horseman I think! Not very Dressage Today'ish... I am especially excited about the Cool Medics cooling cap which goes right under your helmet! Lots of fun colors, and once I got to the website, well, let's just say I knew where I wanted to do my Christmas shopping, for my buds and myself. IN JULY! ;) The company can be found at Cool Medics and has items for anyone doing things in the heat, with a special section for riders and their horses (and dogs) ! They also offer lots of products for your favorite construction worker, military guy, or anyone who spends time outside. They have all areas covered!

 The oh, so cool looking Cool Medics Cooling Cap. PLOP this pup right under your riding helmet!

Or this one. Comes in thirteen colors and has a spot to pull a ponytail through! Ideal for some... I am more the beanie type!
Was especially thinking of a blogging bud who just had issues with her horse's hind after a lil' jumping accident. Why so cool? Because they stay cool, and while they won't eliminate the need for hydrotherapy, I bet they wouldn't hurt!

Hurry and grab these! They are on clearance for $56.00! I want them! WAH!
 The cooling fabric in these boots cool the horse’s legs, and are adjustable by hook and loop Velcro elastic for a tight fit. No need to hose down the legs or use icepacks, simply place on horse and monitor every few hours. The boots ensure cooling for a long time period, and are very good for injuries. They were developed to maximize the benefits of hydrotherapy while eliminating the need for constant hosing. This allows the horse to undergo treatment while still having comfortability and mobility. Sold in pairs.These items are limited only the colors and sizes listed below available. These items are non returnable.

And how cool (ahhh...sounds really coool!) is this vest? For someone who shows it sounds like a life-saver under that hot (get out of my life) jacket! Especially when you are last in the line up! I should have pictured the V-necked jacket which is much more appropriate for under a show jacket! They have Western styled things too.

I'm gonna start off with the Cooling Cap, if that works well, I will obviously become a devoted customer. After pretty much almost dying while taking dressage lessons at 10 am last summer, (yeah, I went behind trailers to puke a couple of times...) cause either I love riding or I am just plain dumb, I want one, and the sooner the better!!!

Oh yeah. I'm not getting a thing by doing this review, (but I would love to do reviews of things I have tried!)just want to share a very cool sounding solution to my desert-y life here in the summer and fall.

TRY a frozen bandana you might say?
Sure, that is 10-15 minutes, tops! Been there and burned (puked and turned WHITE--great!) right through it! Time for something better! The testimonials on the site and satisfaction guaranteed are enough for me to give it a run! At $15.00, for the cap, why not? If it doesn't live up to expectations I won't hesitate to return it! I encourage you to read the product information from the site, it tells you how and why these products work!

The products we manufacture are constructed from a patented three-layer fabric that by combining hydrophilic fibers into a fibrous batting core and a thermally conductive lining, will provide cooling after allowing the product to soak in water for 10 - 30 seconds. Not longer.

The water activates the cooling process by charging the fibers with moisture and creating an environment for evaporation. When moisture in the batting evaporates, heat is removed and cools the surrounding area, transferring the cooling effect to the wearer.

Depending upon the environment this cooling could last up to 8 hours, and can be recharged again by simply immersing the product in water to restart the cooling process.

We have laboratory tested this cooling process in a heat chamber, bringing the inside temperature to 114 degrees, and placing the dampened cloth in this heated chamber.

In every test, the fabric, with a separate temperature sensor, has maintained a temperature that is lower by 20 to 25 degrees, for a period of 4 1⁄2 hours, before climbing to the temperature inside the chamber.

Taking the same cloth and recharging it, by immersing in water for 10 - 30 seconds, and replacing it in the hot chamber, immediately brought the temperature done to the lower 20-25 degree range.

A simple 3-step process.

•Step 1: Immerse the product in water for about 10 - 30 seconds so that the fabric absorbs the water right to the inner filling. The water does not need to be cold water for this activation process to work. WARNING: DO NOT let it soak for longer than 30 seconds as the product will absorb too much water and you may risk permanently damaging the internal fibers

•Step 2: Gently wring out the excess water so that the product is wet, but not dripping. You may towel dry the inner membrane if you require.

•Step 3: Wear the product. You will be pleasantly surprised how cool you will instantly feel.

After a period of time if you feel the product is not cooling you sufficiently, simply repeat the 3 step process.
It might become apparent that while you are wearing the product, it starts to feel that the cooling process has diminished, and it is no longer cooling you. Just like a swimming pool, if you get out the pool because it feels warm, and back in again, to a cool pool, the product will perform the same. Taking off the product, waiting a few minutes and then wearing the product again will feel like the product has been reactivated.

Simple? Are you convinced? I am in LOVE if this product can do this!


  1. I can't wait to hear if that cooling hat works. However, it does guarantee a really bad rest-of-the-hair-day.

  2. LMAO! Anytime I wear my helmet and sweat that much, my hair day is shot, so I guess I'm not really worried! My hair is short too, with a wedge in back, so, even after I ride I just cover the damage with a baseball cap! :)

  3. Great review! I tried out some of the products in Lexington last year when I was down for the Rolex 3-day. They were pretty amazing and did a nice job.

  4. Wow, some good products (seemingly!) Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Oh, that cooling cap sounds really nice, like Leah said though, BAD BAD for the hair! LOL But I guess it's better than having a sweaty head!
    Great review!!!

  6. Oh! Taht would have been so great for Olly!! You are so right! I went the cheapy route and soaked his polos in water and then then cooled them in the freezer for a few hours. I hope you get a few things on your list for Christmas, maybe you could do Christmas in July???LOL


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