Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free to Good Home...

My brother got me a subscription to this magazine, along with Horse Illustrated and Equus for Christmas last year. I read them cover to cover, but I am offering them to the first person who responds who will enjoy and read them!  While having plenty of intersting content, I am an English rider and these need to be in a Western home where they belong! I simply have four other magazines to keep up on, and just won't pull them out to read them again! I am also moving so....  There are fourteen issues, from February 2009- March 2010.All in pristine condition. So the information is current and if you are a Western rider, quite a deal! I only ask that you pay the postage which would be Media Mail, easily less than $5, I would imagine! Ok, all. Who wants them????

No takers yet, for real? Looks like the recycling bin may have a stack o' reading!!!


  1. I used to get those magazines too but don't read them anymore. I am not sure just what me and Gilly are, not western and not really English either...we just are! LOL
    You are moving, does this mean that you are going back to Florida? Then good for you and good luck to you! If I had my choice of places to live where would it be??? Somewhere that there are no HUGE horse flies that are here where I live early this year. :-( They make life miserable for horse and rider. Now if I had an indoor arena..........sigh.....

  2. You're moving?
    Where to?

    I just don't read magazines much anymore. If I want to find tips or training info, I just go online or watch RFDTV.
    And like Jane I'm not sure where I fit in.
    Is there a magazine for the eclectic rider?


  3. How ya doin Mindy? Hanging in there?

  4. Hi sweet Mind!
    There are some big changes a coming your way...you doing alright?

  5. I get Practical Horseman, those are the best!!! Every month I wait to see what new jumping techniques I can try. i have learned so much just from reading. If you want to subscribe to any...that would be my choice.

  6. Yes, as I had mentioned, I get four other publications or so. Practical Horseman is on that list! This subscription was a gift that my brother got as a freebie attached to all he orders for me every year!! I still read them but wanted to be nice and find them a home! I may take them to my riding club, Hill Country Equine Friends, we have all sorts of riders. Don't know why I didn't think of that before! So I guess unless I hear from someone that they REALLY want me to send them, I'm going to do that!!!!! No chance of anyone getting any of my other YEARS worth of Pract. Horseman, Dressage Today, USEF public., etc.! Sowwy!

  7. Lisa--I can't imagine not having my mags!!! I can't get RFDTV *yeah, in South Texas!!* and what about those times in the uhm...head when you just want to be? Can't imagine not having my mags, I just can't. Oh Banish, BANISH that thought! I am very tactile, and I love the feeling of a book or a magazine in my hands versus sitting at my computer, tho' I do that too. If they get written word, I may s*** a brick. What will I do in the bathroom then? And don't even try the Kindle route. Soooo not the same. Books just smell good too! :)

  8. The donation of the mags-does sound good.
    So glad that you had a lovely lesson and that is lifting you up.
    My man and I cried a bit together yesterday over our loss feeling. My neighbor wants to bestow a cat on us...not ready. You are when you are and I am not...maybe at the end of summer and when we may afford oil again to heat our home...can't have a cold kitty here!
    Love you sweetie,

  9. Kac--Nope, and you know what else? I'm not even ready to have my other pets around! I got Bella in December knowing I would need a friend when I lost Kota. At that point in time I had a hard time bonding with her because it felt like I was ignoring my Dakota. Now, I don't know what it is. I hope it goes away sweet b/c Bells is one little sweetie and seems to love me so much. The cats, well, I've had them, and they intrude or don't as cats will or won't. They really don't care. I say this as one of them (my fave) is sleeping right on my desk in front of me. She has never been on the desk as much as lately, she seems to know I need her! I swear she wants to surf the internet... But back to my entire point, I always thought I agreed with James Herriot, my favorite British vet, that when you lose a dog/cat you should immediately replace him/her. Or as I thought, have said pet in place. His thinking being that we have room in our hearts for ALL of our pets. Maybe he is right, but I understand about being ready. I sure do. Plus, I am moving and I fear that since I am moving in with a friend I may have to give away one of my dear cats. Or this 12 lb. dog. None of which I want to... they are all special, whether I am ready for them or not, they do keep me smiling (a little...) Hang in there my friend, God is listening (I sure hope?) and will decide these questions for us.
    love and hugs,

  10. Taking them to your riding club sounds like a plan. I used to get those mags but they are not gearer towards my breed and Arabs need to be much more collected than QHs so the info was helpful in the beginning but couldn't get me where I needed to be.

  11. Yah, I'm weird. I don't like the Kindle either. I do enjoy books, but magazines annoy me. They are usually stuffed full of pages of ads and glossy pictures selling stuff. And then I'll read it cover to cover in one sitting and then I'm stuck with another dust collector.
    I've got OCD about clutter, and magazines are clutter in my book (pun intended. lol!).

    A long time ago, I used to save magazines or cut out specific articles. But I found that after I've read a magazine, I just never go back and read it again. So, it's basically trash that just sits around the house, and that drives me batty!

    The only time I might read a magazine now is when I'm having to wait, like at a Dr appt.
    Do you really read mags while sitting on the loo?

    Oh my goodness. Too funny! I'm a get in there, get it done, and get outta there, kind of gal. No reading on the toilet for me. lol!


  12. Yep! Sometimes. Mostly I read them at night on my back porch. I have to take all of the inserts out as SOON as I receive them, they then are put (in order) in magazine holders when I'm finished with reading them. I find that I DO go back and reference things later. A problem with Jackson's hooves just popped up, and guess what? I had the perfect article to read about it! I'm learning things in dressage I wasn't ready for last year, but the article is still there...I also had questions about jumping a line, again, the article was right there!!! ;)

  13. Thanks for stopping by our blog!! Your boy is a beauty! It's always fun to meet Denali's relatives! Also, so sorry about your dog. I lost mine in April, it never gets easier!


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