Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wild West FUN Fest

HOWDY FOLKS! Yesterday was another fun-filled day, and another fundraiser for Triple H Equitherapy where I volunteer. We held the annual 'Wild West Fun Fest' at Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne, Texas. Enchanted Springs is an 86 acre working ranch with its rugged, natural beauty,extensive collection of exotic animals, and authentic time warp--a Western town right out of the 1800's. Originally designed for Western movies, the Old West town consists of over 40 facades and buildings which have been used in several TV films and commercials. Apparently,it is Oprah's #4 pick for BEST family attraction in the USA! son Miles and I set out yesterday to participate in the festivities and FUN! I also sold raffle tickets and my loud mouth served me well, I must confess, I sold $150 worth of tickets in one hour. (OKAAAAY...I'm not really that good. One guy came up and bought $100 worth of tickets, so since my goal was met, I was free to play, YAAAYYY!!!). I'll take you on a tour of our day; I have NO pictures of Miles because he took off to explore and was in an anti-picture mood. SIGH. 13 is not fun so far.... I had fun setting up a warrant for Linda's arrest....for $5 they would come find anyone in your party, cart them of to jail and give 'em a trial. I had Linda arrested for 'talkin trash', (ha!) and boy was she surprised! It was especially funny because she had just been heckling the last girl who was in the "jail"!


  1. Hi Mindy!
    OH my gosh I love places like that! How fun!

  2. Sorry we missed it - I tried calling but I just heard a crying baby. Which was weird, because I thought you had a teenager. We will have to, have to get together soon. Hopefully I'll have a horse in another week...

    Drop me a line directly and let's find some time. We'd like to get involved with the equitherapy place too. Maybe we can help somehow.


  3. Winter--Well that is just weird! NO I don't have a baby and I wasn't at work (where I work with mounds of them...oh! did you call me on Friday?? I WAS AT WORK!!!) so that is just odd! My phone was in my purse too... and I didn't have a missed call from anyone. Of course, that doesn't always mean anything!!! Would love to get you set up in the Equitherapy should come out on a Wednesday. Those are my volunteer days, my riding days, and my dressage lesson days every week. Or we can do something family oriented with the kiddos on a Sat.....Miles is getting SO bored and it has been SO dang HOT! UGH...Anyway, my email is'll also drop you a line on yours.
    :) Mindy

  4. How fun! We were at a similar place a few days ago (Bakers Creek Pioneer Village) and I'm still kicking myself that I forgot to take my camera along.


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