Monday, July 20, 2009

Impromptu Saturday Trailride!

Early Saturday morning we trailered to Bandera State Park for an early ride. This was the first time that I have ridden with Lorri since her accident and she is doing so well! You would never know she broke spinous processes in her neck, she is the same beautiful rider as always. We also had a gal named Kathy with us--we met her through Triple H--and she borrowed Shorty for the ride. Linda was on Red so we had a posse of sorts! We did a TON of moving out on this ride and I had a ball! We all did. It was simply a beautiful morning for a ride and even the infernal heat cooperated for once! Sweet!

Lorri, Kathy and Me

Can you spot the horseshoes?

Bath time!


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  2. Such pretty country. Sigh....

  3. I can't wait to get on those trails!!!!

    Let's try this again. How's the 8th or 9th? That's the day after you get back...


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