Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Good Life

Hello all! (Especially KK and Esther, I REALLY am still around, thanks for caring to leave messages!!!) It's been a while, eh? No excuses from me, but here's a nice piece for you to enjoy. I sometimes put in volunteer hours working at a place called Triple H Equitherapy where they have horseback riding for the handicapped. They take physical and developmental folks and show them the joys and the actual therapy that can come from riding a horse. We get folks who have MS, guys back from the war with injuries, and kids/adults with Down Syndrome, etc.--you get the picture. Sooooo, every year for the past two years I have been helping with their yearly fundraiser which is a huge scavenger hunt on horseback. We set up three (this year four) trails and then have all kinds of "things" you need to find and bring back with the help of trail markers and a map. The trails range from easy to super difficult. Last year I helped set up and take down the trails (the longest is ~4 miles) with all of the super cool things you need to find. All of the areas and treasures you find have different themes and names. For example, "The Pirates Booty" requires you to get off of your horse and climb up a small cliff and bring back a gold coin. "Raindrop Canyon" is an umbrella full of jingle bells and you need to bring back a bell. (This can be a scary, hard one for some horses...) At "Frog Hollow" you need to bring back a plastic frog from a big rock that has been scooped out like a dish over time; but first you have to find the rock.... The set up and then going and retrieving everything when the event is over is a LOT of work, but much fun. My big "at home" volunteer work this year is to make all of the markers for the trails--about 300--plastic colored tape tied to clothespins for easy application to trees and bushes. The fundraiser isn't until June, but yesterday we actually went out to blaze a new trail; it will be the blue trail and the hardest of all to navigate. Whew! Branches, cliffs, etc. 2 hrs. later (we got through approx. 2 miles in 98 degree heat) we had a better idea where we wanted the trail and where to mark so the "guys" could come through and clear the branches and undergrowth, etc..all the stuff we somehow plowed through. No spider sightings so all was right in my world... In exchange for the work we do, we are free to ride the owner's absolutely gorgeous and varied acreage, and to use her round pen and arena with FAB footing. If you are interested in viewing what exactly this incredible place is all about please go to Be sure to go to the bottom and check out the videos, the first one about Mike (super neat guy) is quite interesting and the second one will show you what it's like when we volunteer to actually work with the disabled and what the special folks who come to the facility get out of it. Before I became an RN I worked with the developmentally disabled for 12 years, so this is dream volunteer work (if you can really call it work...) for me!
I added a pic of Jackson and I in the a bit of water we found, he has always been skittish around water so imagine my surprise when he plowed right in and started pawing away at it. It was SOOOO funny and cute. Also a pic of Jacks in the round pen--we are working on the perfect canter but that guy is SOOOO green still and VERY fast. He'll always be fast, I just need to get my confidence and more hrs. in the saddle; and yes, I am actually hitting the gym to work on my core and bring some muscles out of hibernation....(all for the sake of my riding of course!) LOL...Lots more work ahead. Then you get to see Jacks having a roll after all his work!


  1. OHHHHH! There You are! I have to go to work like...5 minutes will come on back tand really read..I just looked at your pics this time!
    I am soooo happy you are okay and back and Yea!

  2. Okay...been oput all day with my own trail mare, whom has never seen a pony face to face with an arena wall or a fence between she and "THEM"...rtear up and struck out with a nauughty I may bite you too look todat at a cute pony that a 6 yr old was riding...OMY!!!
    I rode alone, needless to say, and NOT with that goup!

    That sounds absolutly Funtastic!!! Kinda like Equi-cashe...hunting! I am really really glad you do new PBO does volunteering art an Equine facility much like that... I want to talk more late about what you did...Sounds like we may love to do something like that for her place.

    Talk soon hope!

  3. What a lovely picture of you and Jackson in the water. xx

  4. Love when they splash and have fun in the water. My girl is the type that will try to roll in it:-) Nice to have you back.

  5. Hey there Mindie! So happy to see you back! The pictures are awesome and you guys are really living the good life! :-D Very interesting volunteer work, sounds like a very life qualitish thing! Animals give so much life quality and it's lovely to be able to share them!

    What kind of a saddle are you using, btw?

    Warm greetings from Africa!

  6. Esther--Using an Australian saddle in those pics, it's a super comfy saddle for trails! I use a Bates Caprilli English jumping saddle for training, but I absolutely LOVE my Aussie saddle!

  7. I've missed reading your blog. I've not seen any updates for so long! Glad you seem to be back again, but boy have you been busy!
    I was thinking of going to a Therapeutic Riding place when I finally get the ok to ride again. I will need to go very slow and get past my fears. A therapy horse would be more suited to helping me I think.

    Those trails sound like fun. You are so creative and full of adventure, aren't you?

    Those pictures are really great. You can see that he just loves the water there. Splash! Splash! I bet you were laughing. :D



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