Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beautiful View

Well, I haven't posted in awhile but I HAVE been riding! Today we trailered to Bandera state park for the second time in a week and it was 82 degrees and breezy! I do believe I might have a mild sunburn! Time to start wearing the sunblock again. We had a wonderful ride on a 9 mile trail and the view was beautiful. I never get tired of taking pictures of my horse, and one of my favorite sights is the one I am posting below.... the view I see with Jackson's ears in the foreground. If you don't ride you probably wouldn't understand.


  1. Oh yes...I do..and gosh do I sure miss that similar view, too. I usually see black and white, though :)

    I'm glad you've been able to ride and the weather's been so nice. Around here, you'd need windblock, though. hehe


  2. What wonderful warm weather. We've had lots of rain lately, which puts a damper on riding. Sounds like you had a fun ride. Jackson is beautiful.

  3. 82 degrees? I'm so jealous! So glad you got to ride!
    You know, from those pics, your horse looks a lot like my mom's gelding, Dusty. Too funny! :)

  4. I love that view, ears forward and all!

  5. We had a warm day life that yesterday, but in typical Texas fashion, it will only be in the 50s today. I don't care what the temp is, I just want RAIN.

  6. Wow, I am envious of your weather! We had 51 here in Ohio and now today it's 30 and snowing again! I did get to ride yesterday though, only for an hour but it was heaven after not riding for months because of the cold and mud!
    LOVE pictures of horse ears....Beautiful!!!

  7. Nice pics! Jackson is such a cutie pie!
    I am glad to hear it's been warm there. I get to San Antonio this Sunday for two weeks and I was afraid I was gonna be freezing.
    What's your suggestions as far as tack stores in the area?

  8. Tack stores here are a MAJOR JOKE. The only English tack store is Boerne Stage Saddlery in Boerne. I mostly have to order from catalogs I am sad to say.

  9. Lovely hearted girl..thanks for the sweet comment today. I am almost sick about reading everyonwe's I am so pissed with what I am going through..but won't post of it- till I am not mad.It is UGLY and I won;t be that on the blog! maybe later I can be funny ugly..if I can get my funny back!
    SOOOOOO glad you are riding so much!!!YEA!

  10. I have the same pic on my cell phone, only it's a paint horse's head and mostly bald since she is 30 yrs old.

  11. I have lots from that angle...never get tired of seeing that pic:-)

  12. Minday,
    thanks for visiting again!
    My over Dramatized (from treacherous BO) trauitized self has only has 2 1/2 more days to
    I need healing and so does the mare..she is very upset, makes me wonder what the - - - - they have done to her in my absence...grrrr. She won't go into her stall and rears-up and runs when the owner comes around.She is onto her..maybe she has been, the whole time?

    I love your pics ...of course I would..I have folders and folders of the ears, necks, manes braided, unbraided, and scads of the smae views. So look for some new views as I will have 1,000's of new acres to ride! I got new hoof boots last week for the new places too.
    Yours Truly

  13. Mindy,
    You are having wonderful weather. It's clear here now but still chilly. No fear of sunburn for another month or so. Your horse Jackson is beautiful. I found your blog thru Laughing Orca and have enjoyed your stories and photos. Come on over and meet my son Raymond and horses Sandy and Dani sometime.

  14. What a lovely blog! Lucky you - we still have huge piles of snow and freezing temps.

  15. You been riding MINDY??
    You sure have been on my mind these past days...litterally so, when I wake up I think..wonder how Mindy is?!
    Prayin for you and looking for you~

  16. you are needin' to phone home girlfriend!Or Blog here!
    Please do let us all know what is happend to you.
    We care.

  17. Wow, if the weather was that nice a month and a half ago, it must be hot now!

    Those ear pictures are my favorites. You get to remember the best place to be. My aunt always had a photo of Cabo as her phone's screensaver because that is where she would feel like being during work or stressful times. I have an ear photo!

    my new blog

  18. Mindy, how are you doing?? It's been weeks now, we're starting to get worried! Hope all is well, sending you a big hug all the way from Africa!

    Slainte! (hope I got that right!)


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