Thursday, October 23, 2008

A new blog

Well, I have never been a blogger. Never even been that good at keeping a journal! But I would like to chronicle my time and my experiences with my horse Jackson. He is an AngloArab and still green around the gills. I have had him since Jan.28, 2007. He was my 36th birthday present to myself! I figured after 35 I may as well get the presents for myself as noone else seemed to understand that I was a bit sick of Bath & Body Works! My family finally gets it, and insted of more lotion than I can use in a year I get horse magazine subscriptions and gift cards to buy horse equipment!!! Yay...In the past year and a half we have been through a lot, falling off and breaking my shoulder and tearing a tendon and then losing all my nerve, (and almost selling) to slowly turning him into a wonderful mount and putting on miles in the saddle. Since I am a nurse and a single mom and Jacks is 25 minutes away, I do not have the advantage of having him in my backyard which makes me sad. I grew up on a farm with horses and you form such a bond when you are the one to feed and muck everyday. Alas, such is life! I have him at a fellow nurse friend's house and we are beginning to look towards getting our horses ready for some competitive trail riding in the new year. I also would like to begin re-learning ground work and perhaps starting the Parelli program. The work of the Tellington Touch program is also an interest. Just two days ago we went to put in hay for the winter and boy that was an endeavor! My friend has three and I have one at her house so hay for all four with the two of us doing the loading in the field and my son driving the truck was quite the experience!

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