Monday, August 16, 2010

Destination Destiny

Gainesville, Florida. YES, I made it! For those of you who may not have known about it--perhaps wondering about the blog, and where I've been--the move and all it entails have been occupying every thought, idea, and ounce of energy I may have had for the past few weeks! I have moved in with one of my best friends who I've known since my Key West days--which is a bit of time--she is such a great gal! AND, I totally lucked out with my new barn. I had been to two places, liked one, and not the other, but the one I really liked had no openings! I got my friend to drive me to the nearest feed store, oftentimes there are bulletin boards with all kinds of listings. Not so here. All AA circuit barns. And none of them as close as I wanted my barn to be.... I walked back into the store and announced to my friend (who knew one of the employees) that all I could find were super expensive barns, mostly in Ocala which is a 30-40 minute drive. Had I put him in Ocala, I would have boarded him at Karen and David O'Connor's boarding barn! Now that is a neat place! But I want my horse closer than that!!! The young girl behind the counter perked up, and told me about her friend Kathy, who is now my new BO! Her acreage backs up onto State Park land, 7,000 acres worth of riding available! She also is very involved in ACTHA--American Competitive Trail Horse Association-- activities and competitions, and has lots of obstacles set up to practice with. Her husband is a mounted Highway Patrolman and she is very involved in search and rescue which I have wanted to start doing since I GOT Jackson! And, yes, there is a jumping and a dressage arena! Hooray! I have already met the barn instructor a few times--she is from Austria--and she teaches it all. Jumping, dressage, you name it! The best part of this, is the fact that I am totally working Jackson's monthly board off by doing the feeding for all 30 horses three evenings a week. I absolutely LOVE it.

Jackson will be here TODAY (Monday) barring unforseen complications, I am SO thrilled about that I was up all night as if awaiting Santa again when I was five! It is only when I see him getting unloaded from the trailer that I am truly going to believe it though!
I will take you through a limited picture montage here, just the house, and it's surrounding environs, and --of course-- my pets! The new barn pics will come in the next post after I get my boy!
Piper P. McPiperson enjoying the Italian couch

Sugar with her "baby"
About 1/2 mile away from the house...

Pond with algae bloom and lily pads!

Swamp with alligators in it!
Portion of my the ceilings. I detest low ceilings!
Does anyone know what type of spider this thing is? Bleeeccchhh!
Part of my mushroom montage. Fascintating to take pics of them!
View in yard when you look up!

Part of my new residence--typical Florida house. Circa 1955!

 Fireplace in my room...

Homegrown Frangapiani. You may know it as Plumeria!


  1. Wow, you made it!!! :-) So glad to hear that you found the right barn so close and your boy is coming today. I have been to Gainesville once years and years ago, seemed like a very nice place.
    All the fun stuff you will be doing, I am envious!!! Oh, you MUST take lots of pictures and keep us all updated on your adventures!
    I am happy for you! :-)

  2. Sounds like the adventure is off to a fantastic start! What a great deal on the board! Feeding 30 horses will be something else...

    Can't wait to "see" Jackson's arrival.

    So are you splitting a house?

  3. Glad the move went well, and hope Jackson gets there safe and sound. I think the barn situation sounds ideal. (think the spider is some kind of orb weaver - at least that's what it would be if it lived in these parts!)

    (word verification "blest"!)

  4. Mindy, you are an inspiration. How many people actually follow their dreams? I am completely thrilled for you. A little nervous about the alligators and spiders, but thrilled.

    I can't wait for Jackson to get there!

    And you're gonna have to change your top pic as you're no longer in the heart of Texas...

  5. Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you :) I hope Jackson gets there safe and sound and has no problem adjusting to his new home. Sounds like life is looking good for you, so glad because you so deserve it!

  6. Glad you are settled in and your pony will be with you soon!! 7,000 acres?! WOW, how fun is that? Your new barn sounds great.

  7. Yea Mindy!!!!
    That is amazingly,fantastically GREAT news...all around +
    a fireplace in your room to boot!

    By now your steed has joined you too at that wonderful sounding stable with every amenity you could want + links to the rescue world! Yeeha- foresure :-D :-D :-D
    Gosh, I am so tickled for you...things are looking up...WAYYYY UP! PRAISE JEHOVAH JIREH!

    I would be nice and look up that spidey...but the last time I looked up one, on the net, that rode the trails with me...the blasted site played a Joke on me....they had a picture move the JUMPED--!-:-((I fell off my computer chair;-)

    Anywho...wowee. Very pleased for you...can't wait to find that Jackson is settled and safe.

    XO Kac

  8. Wow, that's great your move went smoothly and you found a great barn for Jackson. Hope you both have lots of fun adventures in the future.

    I don't know what kind of spider that is but I've heard from my cousin who lives in Ocala that sometimes on trail rides in the woods you may encounter gigonda spider webs stretching across the trails. The trick is not to be the first one in line!

  9. YAY! I'm so happy for you! I'd love to be back in Florida again! Ocala was home for 2 years and it was the best 2 horse years of my life. I love that area!
    I'm sure jackson will arrive without incident! Who did you end up picking to ship him?
    Congrats on your new life! ENjoy!


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