Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Professional Pic of Me and "The Master" and a SICK story....

Walter Zettl and I

Well, I know it's been awhile, but whatever vile organism that has decided to invade my body has done quite the number. Of course, having been exposed to the H1N1 virus via a patient I was convinced that that was what I had. All flu tests have come back el negativo. I feel a bit better than I did, just fatigued and overall not feeling good. BUT, going on 14 days later, I am still spiking temperatures of 99.0 to 100.4. The Dr. was thinking it was pneumonia yesterday, but I have absolutely NO symptoms of that, AND I've had it before. It doesn't go under the radar in my experience! So she put me on a Z-pack as we both are now convinced it MUST be bacterial somewhere-- hoping is more like it. I've lost 8 lbs. due to lack of appetite, but I am TIRED of being an invalid. I rode Jackson on Wed. thinking that would make me feel better. I had convinced myself I was malingering and a shot of horse therapy would help. I guess it did, but I also threw up, got a sunburn (duh, sunblock....), and spiked the usual temperature the next AM! Probably sooner, but I thought the hot feeling was from the burn....So the next AM I was sent home from work (after hearing how BAD I looked) and hearing from the Dr's secretary (MISTAKENLY) that I was positive for Influenza A AND H1N1! That was OK, the fever was back and I was ready to just lie down anyway. SO---enough of my woes! All you guys doing OK out there? Flu anyone? I sure hope not!

Wanna ride, wanna ride, wanna ride.......


  1. So sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly, Mindy...OTOH, I'm deeply envious of your ability to get a sunburn in OCTOBER. Around here we're only in danger of severe rust....and it's just the beginning of the rainy season, too!

    As for germs and stuff, the guys have been sniffly and snorfey (technical terms, ya?) for 2 weeks and I haven't gotten it. I had a bout of what must have been food poisoning for about a day last week and they were fine. >shrug<

    Take care, feel better.

  2. :( I hope you feel better soon! 14 days of hell it sounds like :( For the past week I've had a NASTY cold. It started as a mean sinus cold and now it's in my chest. It SUCKS 'cause I haven't been able to run, couldn't stop me from riding :)

  3. That's a long time to be sick. Nuz Muz has been sick for a while, too. Except for tweaking my back doing absolutely nothing, I'm managing to stay healthy.

    Get better soon!

  4. OHHH.... Hang in there! Sending ou some virtual chicken soup and hot tea. It seems everyone is getting the flu... regular variety and H1N1. I am trying to stay healthy. Keep my fingers crossed.

  5. How you doing there girl? I tried to leave a comment a few days ago...looks like it got eaten by the blog monsters!
    Well, been praying for you and sending horse kisses from Wa to you~

  6. Wow, everyone is sick these days! Hope they figure out what's wrong with you and get you feeling better so you can get back on your horse soon! (without a resulting fever, preferably!)

  7. Oh no! Sucks. Get some good movies, curl up, and get some rest. Hope to hear you are doing better soon.

  8. Wow, sounds like you've been hit with something yucky. I've got a cold and that alone is killing me. I enjoyed reading you WAZ posts! I had the chance to watch his clinics twice while living in NJ and it was great. I also have his videos that I need to watch and rewatch once I get back in the saddle.


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