Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As Much As Things Change....They Don't Stay the Same At All!

I really haven't thought much about this blog lately, and I now realize just how long I've been away from this world as I started to upload a couple of photos. Shoot, lots of the interface has changed, and it will take me a bit to figure out how to navigate and place pictures. It seems like some nifty new shortcuts have been added, and that's going to be cool once I figure it out. Or so one hopes. So, I think the last time I was on here was 2011! Crazy. So much has changed. So much is still the same. I'd say much, much, much of my life is for the better. I still have Jackson, (who very much deserves his own post, that rascal!) and my girlfriend and I essentially rescued this gal, who as you can see, is brimming with personality. We named her Shanith, and we believe that she is somewhere between twelve and eighteen years old. We (yes, it was a rescue) rescued her in September of 2012 from the town of Bell, Florida, and if you've never been there you probably wouldn't be sorry. Podunk is about the extent of it. Shantih is a TB/Perch, and she loves hugs. She has to make you part of her family first, but once you are in, she's your girl. Her are my GF have  bonded trememdously, and you can watch the two of them and see how much they enjoy each other. When we "rescued" Shantih, her feet hadn't been done in two years (or longer..), she was being fed generic sweet feed for "livestock", and the owner told us, that she really does not like to be fly sprayed. EVER. Yeah, the horse who practically carries the fly spray bottle over to you so you can keep those pests away. I took her for a ride, and I could feel that she knew a few things. And then the previous owner pitched in that she had bought her from a lady who evented her locally, but had been forced to sell due to breast cancer. Any further information was certainly not obtained that day. Nor did we take her home that first day either. She was no fan of trailers. Interesting. An eventer to a trailer chicken? Weird. And despite two hours of trying, we did no bring her home until the next weekend.